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List of Data Structure Program Using C.


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Travelling Salesman Problem using backtracking.

search an element using binary search method

compute factorial & generate fibonacci of a number

Knapsack Problem Using Backtracking

knapsack using dynamic programming

Program to find minimum spanning tree using kruskal's algorithm


Program to sort the given number using divide & conquer technique

Program to find the minimum and maximum no. in the list


Program to build optimal binary search tree

Program to count number of palindrome in the word

Raising 2 to the power of n

Prim s algorithm

Quick Sorting

Dijkstra's shortest path algorithm


Subset Sum Problem


Program to implement an array in Data Strcture.

DataStructure-Program to merge two 1-D arrays.

Program to perform operations matrix addition, multiplicaton.

Program for matrix operations dertminant, singular.

Program to add two polynomials.

Program to multiply two polynomials.

Program to perform some basic operations on string.

Program to check entered name in the master list

Program to swap elements of array of pointers to strings.

Program to allocate memory dynamically.

Program to search for a string into another string.

string functions.

Program to maintain a linked list .

Program to add a new node to the asscending order linked list.

Program to reverse a linked list.

Program to merge two linked list.

Program to sort a linked list by swapping data.

Program to sort a linked list by readjusting the links

Program to implement a circular queue as a linked list

Program to concatenate one linked list

Program to find the number of nodes in the linked list using recursion.

Program to compare two linked lists using recursion.

Program to copy one linked list into another using recursion.

Program to add a new node at the end of linked list using recursion

Program to maintain a doubly linked list.

Program to add two polynomials maintained as linked lists.

Program to multiply two polynomials maintained as linked lists.

Program to create a 3-tuple from a given matrix .

Program to transpose a sparse matrix.

Program to add two sparse matrices.

Program to multiply two sparse matrices.

Program to store sparse matrix as a linked list.

Program implements array as a stack.

Program implements linked list as a stack.

Program to convert an Infix expression to Prefix form.

Program to convert an Infix form to Postfix form

Program to convert expression in postfix form to prefix form.

Program to convert an expression in postfix form to an infix form.

Program to evaluate an epression entered in postfix form.

Program that implements queue as an array.

Program that implements queue as a linked list.

Program that implements circular queue as an array.

Program that implements deque using an array.

Program that implements a priority queue using an array.

Program to build a binary search tree from arrays.

Program to implement a binary search tree.

Program to insert and delete a node from the binary search tree.

Program to maintain a threaded binary tree.

Program to maintain an AVL tree.

Program which maintains a B-tree

Program to maintain a heap.

Linear search in an unsorted array.

Linear search in a sorted array.

Binary search in a sorted array.

Bubble sort.

Selection sort.

Quick sort.

Insertion sort.

Binary Tree Sorting.

Heap Sort.

Merge Sort.

External Sorting.

depth first search algorithm.

breadth first search algorithm.

minimum cost of a spanning tree.

find the shortes path. Programming Source Codes & Projects PDF- Free Download

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Ruby Program
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Scala Program
Swift Program
Data Structure
Computer Graphics
C++ Program
Middle Ware Program
C Aptitude
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Assembly Program
Elixir Program
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Web Program
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