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Write programs in Java to demonstrate the use of following components Text fields, Buttons, Scrollbar, Choice, List and Check box.

Write Java programs to demonstrate the use of various layouts like Flow Layout, Border Layout, Grid Layout, GridBag Layout, and Card Layout

Write programs in Java to create applets incorporating the following features: a. Create a color palette with matrix of buttons. b. Set background and foreground of the control text area by selecting a color from color palette. c. In order to select fore ground or background use checkbox controls as radio buttons. d. To set background images.

Write programs in Java to do the following: a. Set the URL of another server b. Download the home page of the server c. Display the contents of the page with date, content type, and expiration date, Last modified and length of the home page.

Write programs in Java using sockets to implement the following: a. HTTP request b. FTP c. SMTP d. POP3

Write a program in Java for creating simple chat application with datagram sockets and datagram packets

Write programs in Java using servlets: a. To invoke servlets from HTML forms

Write programs in Java to create three tier applications using servlets. a. For conducting online examination b. For displaying student mark list (Assume that student information is available in a database which has been stored in a database server.)

Create a webpage with the following using HTML. a. To embed a map in a web page b. To fix hot spots in that map c. Show all the related information when the hot spots are clicked.

Create a web page with the following: a. Cascading style sheets b. Embedded style sheets c. Inline style sheets