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SYNCHRON 2K17-MNM Jain Engineering College,Chennai-EEE-15/09/17.

SYNCHRON 2K17-MNM Jain Engineering College,Chennai-EEE-15/09/17.

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1. Name of the Event: SYNCHRON 2K17

2.College Name: MNM Jain Engineering College

3.Department: Electrical & Electronics Engineering

4.Symposium Details:

An Inter-Collegiate Technical Symposium organized by the Electrical & Electronics Engineering department of MNMJEC. SYNCHRON 2K17 provides an amazing platform to showcase your Talents. The REGISTRATION is FREE. There is also a FREE WORKSHOP on "Embedded Systems" organized in SYNCHRON 2K17. We have organized a total of 12 Events for SYNCHRON 2K17. Technical Events:

1. Eureka (Paper Presentation)

2. I made it (Project Display)

3. Fix the glitches (Circuit debugging)

4. Am I Einstein? (Quiz)

5. Corporate Challenge

6. King of SYNCHRON

Non-Technical Events:

1. Gaming Carnival

2. Scrapheap Challenge (Junkyard Wars)

3. IPL Bidding

4. Zip your Mouth (Dumb Charades)

5. Private Eye (Sherlock Holmes)

6. Surprise Event

Workshops in Chennai:

A free Workshop on "Embedded Systems" has been Organized on the day of SYNCHRON 2K17.

Paper Presentation Topics:


1. Special Electrical Machines

2. Power Electronics and Drives

3. Green Energy and Smart Grid


5. Robotics and Nanotechnology

6. Biomedical Instrumentation

7. Embedded Systems

8. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

9. MEMS Technology

10. Image Processing and Applications

Send all your Papers to on or before 08/09/17.

5. Date of Event: 15/09/17

6.Important Dates: Send all your Papers to on or before 08/09/17.

7. Contact Details (Cell Phone No, Event E-Mail id):

Event Co-coordinators:

Sandeep Nayak: 8778076187

Sanket Jain: 8870391110

Yuvaraj: 9840382790

Fest Mail ID:

8. Event Web Address:

9.Registration Fees: Free Registration & Free Workshop.

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