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SCIENZIA’17-TRP Engineering College (SRM Group)-All departments-08-09- 2017.

SCIENZIA’17-TRP Engineering College (SRM Group)-All departments-08-09- 2017.

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1. Name of The Event : SCIENZIA’17

2.College Name: TRP Engineering College (SRM Group)

3.Department: All departments

4.Symposium Details :

Civil Events: Carte-Blanche, CADD Modeling, Celestial Extent, Mockup model & Technical Quiz.

CSE Events: Slide Galore, Crack the Code, Sleuth, Outlast & Pixel Mojo.

ECE Events: Techno Talk, Innovative Mind, Brain Srubbers, Smart Thinker & Mr/Mrs Brainer.

EEE events: Paper Presentation, Faraday’s Fashion, Circuit Debugging, Pic ‘n’ Stick & Treasure Hunt.

Mech Events: Paper/Project presentation, Scrapomania, CREO, Aqua Missile & Treasure Hunt.

5.Date of Event: 08-09- 2017

6.Important Dates: 31-08- 2017

7.Contact Details (Cell Phone No, Event E-Mail id):

Sivaraj 85240360361 (Civil) trpfest.civil@gmail.com,

Aravinth 9500965668 (CSE) trpfest.cse@gmail.com,

Aakil - 9944950229 (ECE) trpfest.ece@gmail.com,

Baveethran 9786949428 (EEE) trpfest.eee@gmail.com

Sharukumar 8667024211 (Mech) trpfest.mech@gmail.com.

L.Hubert Tony Raj AP/EEE – 9488654437 ltonyraj@gmail.com

8.Event Web Address: www.trpfest.com

9.Registration Fees: 250 per person

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L.Hubert Tony Raj Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, TRP Engineering College, Tiruchirappalli - 621105.

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