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Apogee 2k17-scsvmv university,Kanchipuram-ECE-2.2.17 & 3.2.17.

Apogee 2k17-scsvmv university,Kanchipuram-ECE-2.2.17 & 3.2.17.

1. Name of The Event: apogee 2k17

2.College Name: scsvmv university

3.Department: ECE

4.Symposium Details :(List of Symposium Events, Papers Topics, etc.,):

Papers Topics:

• Automotive Electronics

• Mobile & Cellular Communications

• Wireless Sensor Networks

• Real Time Embedded System

• VLSI Technology

• Satellite Communcation

• GSM & CDMA Technology

• Computer based communication

• Signal Processing in Communication

• Microwave and Antennas

• Cloud computing & Grid computing

• Computer Networks

• High Performance Computing

• Information Theory and Coding

• Electronics and Instrumentation

• Power Electronics &Energy Efficient Drives

• Renewable Energy & Smart Grid Technology

• Transmission & Distribution Systems

• Vedic Science and Mathematics

Symposium Events:

• K-map

• E-corner

• Adzap

• Mock interview

• Treasure Hunt

5.Date of Event: 2.2.17 & 3.2.17

6.Important Dates: LAST DATE: 30.01.2017

7.Contact Details (Cell Phone No, Event E-Mail id): apogee2k17@gmail.com,9952857739

8.Registration Fees: Technical Events: Rs.200 Non-Technical Events: Rs.100

Source:Information(s) Provided By Apogee 2k17 Team.

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