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Web Technology Lab Programs


Free Download

Design the static web pages required for an online book store web site.

Design of the cart page and the registration page required for online book store

Write JavaScript to validate

Design a web page using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)



Install TOMCAT web server and APACHE.

User Authentication

Write a java program/servlet/JSP to connect to that database and extract data from the tables and display them. Experiment with various SQL queries.

Write a JSP which does the following job Insert the details of the 3 or 4 users who register with the web site

Write a program to implement MVC architecture


Web technology-Viva&voce Questions

Extract data from the tables and display them in the catalogue page using JDBC

Modify cart JSPpage to achieve the dynamism with the HTTP protocol and session management

Ajax Codings

Cookies Lab Codings

CSS Lab Codings



HTML lab Codings

Web technology-Java Application

Servlet Codings

Three Tier Application

XML Application