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Middleware Lab Programs -Free Download


Free Download

Create a distributed application to download various files from various servers using RMI

Create a java bean to draw various graphical shapes and display it using or without using BDK.

Develop an Enterprise Java Bean for banking operations

Develop an Enterprise Java Bean for Library operations

Create an Active- X control for file operations.

Develop a component for converting the currency values using COM/. NET

Develop a component for encryption and decryption using COM/. NET

Develop a component for retrieving information from message box using DCOM/.NET

Develop a middleware component for retrieving Stock Market Exchange information using CORBA

Develop a middleware component for retrieving Weather Forecast information using CORBA.

Middle Ware Viva Voce Questions Programming Source Codes & Projects PDF- Free Download

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R Program
Ruby Program
Rust Program Source Codes
Scala Program
Swift Program
Data Structure
Computer Graphics
C++ Program
Middle Ware Program
C Aptitude
C Program
Assembly Program
Elixir Program
Java Script
Operating System
Web Program
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