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The Physics question paper will be a multiple-choice question paper only. It will contain questions of two levels of difficulty. The first level will have 25 "easier" questions carrying 1 mark each. The second level will have 25 "difficult" questions carrying 3 marks each. Therefore, the test questions will have a total of 50 questions with 25 from each level, adding to a total maximum marks of 100. Approximatelty 40% questions will be from B.Sc. level and the rest will be from M.Sc. level.


The test will focus on the following areas: Analytical Reasoning and Deduction, Combinatorics, Data Structures and Algorithms, Discrete Mathematics, Graph Theory, Principles of Programming In each of these areas, familiarity with the basics (including the necessary simple mathematics) is assumed and will be tested. There will be questions of both varieties - some requiring short answers as well as some involving detailed problem solving.

Some text books which may help the candidate prepare for the test are listed in the sample question link. The candidate is not expected to read all the books. There is no specified 'syllabus' for the test; rather, the test is designed to check the applicant's understanding of foundational aspects of computing.

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