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Ajith Kumar Biography

Ajith Kumar (born May 1, 1971) is an Indian film actor and car racer, who has acted in many Tamil, as well as, Telugu and Hindi movies. Ajith Kumar made his acting debut in his only Telugu-language film-to-date, Prema Pustagam in 1992, which was followed by a Tamil film Amaravathi in which he played his first lead role. After acting in a series of smaller budget films like Pavithra, Ajith delivered his first blockbuster in Aasai. The very next year, his second blockbuster Kadhal Kottai released. This film won a National Award for its director. Thereafter, followed a slump for two years with limited successes - notably Ullasam and Kadhal Mannan. Ajith is a professional race driver, having driven in Formula Three for a season. He is also an active ambassador for the Green Revolution. He used to be known in the Indian media for publicly speaking his mind and openly expressing his opinions, occasionally surrounding himself with controversy. However, in recent years, he has maintained a more silent status quo to avoid the problems that come with a controversial image.

Name:Ajith Kumar

Date Of Birth: May 1, 1971


Daughter:Anoushka Kumar.

Ajith Kumar was born as the middle child in Hyderabad, India to a Tamil father and a Sindhi mother. However he has strong ties to the Tamil culture and society as he grew up in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. He dropped out of Asan Memorial Senior Secondary School in 1986 to become a full-time garment exporter based in Erode till 1990.Before his actin career he worked as a mechanic. Several business agencies pushed him into modelling for advertisements in print media.

Professional car racer
Ajith is a professional "car racer" and has driven in circuits around India in places such as Mumbai , Chennai and Delhi. He has also been abroad for various races including Germany and Malaysia. He drove in the Formula 3 for the team Mango Racing. He was in 2004, India’s third best driver after Narain Karthikeyan and Karun Chandok.

The Green Revolution, Chennai
Ajith is an ambassador for the Green Revolution, an organization to clean up the Chennai environment.He uses his films for subtle marketing of his ideas and planted 101 saplings in his locality in Adyar, Chennai in 2004. This was to make an awareness about the environment and to increase the oxygen levels in Chennai due to the pollution caused by everyday motorists. This action was welcomed by the public. Since then the Green Revolution themselves have went on to plant many saplings in other parts of Tamil Nadu.

Mohini-Mani Foundation
Ajith created this non-profit organisation named after his parents in order to promote self-hygiene and civic consciousness and to help ease the problems of urban sprawl .The Mohini-Mani Foundation became important to Ajith from 2003 onwards and he now continues to fund the non-profit organisation to make sure he keeps helping to ease the problems of urban sprawl.

Ajith started his film career at the age of 21 as an actor in the Telugu movie Prema Pustakam in 1992.His next film was the Tamil film Amaravathi. And his second film was the Tamil film Pavithra. Both of these films were below average at the box office. But it was the super hit film Aasai, released in 1995 and directed by Vasanth had established his career as a leading actor in Tamil cinema.Ajith's first big budget venture was Aasai. But it was only until the release of the National Award winning Kadhal Kottai which was his blockbuster ever in his career, released in 1996. Ajith later played the lead in Amitabh Bachchan's debut Tamil production Ullasam. This venture paid him a salary of Rs. 5 million for the first time ever.

A string of very successful movies followed, most notably Kadhal Mannan and Vaali which cast him alongside Simran. Vaali saw a new peak in Ajith's career. He played a dual role in the film. One as a deaf-and-dumb twin who lusts after his naive brother's wife .After Amarkalam with his then-fiancee, now wife Shalini, Ajith set up his own distribution company AK International with the office located within the premises of NIC Arts which was run by his ex-friend, producer and distributor S. S. Chakravarthi. This office was shifted in 2006. In 2000, Ajith was cast alongside Mammooty, Abbas, Tabu and Aishwarya Rai in Kandukondain Kandukondain. Mugavari followed as Ajith acted alongside Jyothika Saravanan.

Awards and nominations

* Filmfare Best Actor Award for Vaali (1999)
* Filmfare Best Supporting Actor Award for Kandukondain Kandukondain (2000)
* Filmfare Best Actor Award for Villain (2002)
* Filmfare Best Actor Award for Varalaru: History of Godfather (2006)

* Zee Cine Award for Best Actor in a Negative Role for Asoka (2001)
* Filmfare Best Actor Award for Billa (2007) -Useful Contents-Given Below

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