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Wireless computing which is the linking of two or more computers without using wires.WI-FI(Wide Fidelity) is a wireless communication technology that can provide connections between portable computers and wired connections to the Internet. To connect users with the Internet, Wi-Fi devices use low power transmitters and receivers equipped with special computer chips containing radio modems. Wi-fi can be implemented in the field of agriculture wherein different informations regarding the growth of the crops can be collected and transferred to single person who controls the whole lot of work.This helps in securing crops in both quality and quantity.

First,various SENSORS are placed at regular interval from each other which collects information such as moisture,amount of fertilizer added,etc.these are then collected by the WIRELESS ACCESS POINTS(WAP). When a sensor post has gathered data, it travels back to a central server by hopping from one wi-fi access point to another.. VIRTUAL FENCING to herd cattles can also be implemented using WI-FI.

A farmer would control multiple herds from a single server at home. The technique is that the collar of the cattle could be fitted with a software that transmits the chosen GPS co-ordinates. Each collar is equipped with a Wi-Fi networking card which transmits the details when the cattle strays within the particular area.The collar could even be equipped with additional sensors, perhaps to monitor the cows' health and radio data back to the central server. A WIRELESS ROUTER connects a group of Wi-Fi-enabled devices (i.e. PDAs, laptops, etc.) to an adjacent wired network (such as a cable modem or DSL modem). A wireless router is a wireless access point combined with an ethernet hub.This router finally enables the details to reach the specified person. The modernisation of agriculture with Wi-fi provides a faster access of information admists the farmers and ensures Wi-Fi has become popular because once you have a base station, any number of desktop or laptop computers can be connected to your broadband service without the need for any cables or installing extra phone lines.

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