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WORDPRESS Materials-Free Download

34. Why is MySQL used in WordPress?

The following features of MySQL satisfy the use of MySQL in WordPress and make it easy for anyone to host their website. 

• The widely available database server

• Extremely fast

• Open source

• Free of cost

• Supported by many low-cost Linux hosts.

35. Does WordPress use cookies?

Yes, WordPress has cookies and uses them for verification purpose of the users while they log in.

36. Is more secure than

Yes, is considered to be more secure than because it limits the themes and does not allow the installation of plugins.But, the security is, however, more dependable on how your website is hosted by the hosting company and also the steps they take to prevent the security problems. 

37. Why is a static front page used in WordPress and how can you create one?

Some users want their WordPress installation to be more than a blog.In order to give their page a look like a real website, the users tend to use static front page. The static front page in a WordPress can be created in the page section, where the user has to upload a PHP file to the server in the theme folder.And, then later select that is selected as a template, and that ultimately allows you to add any page and look that you wanted for your blog and will remain static. 

38. Which is the considerably best multilingual plugin in WordPress?

WPML is the best multilingual plugin for WordPress.

39. List the essential features you look for a theme?

The theme selection varies according to the requirements of the user.But an ideal theme would be something that does not restrict the use of number pages, static homepages or plug-ins. 

40. What is a child theme?

The extension of a parent theme is a child theme.In case you make changes to the parent theme, then any update will undo the changes.When working on a child theme, the customizations are preserved on an update. 

41. Can you list any other CMS better than WordPress?

No doubt that WordPress is a good CMS, but there are some other best CMS as well that the user can work with too, like Drupal and Joomla. 

42. Are there any limitations in WordPress?

Of course, not, there are no limitations to use WordPress.It can be used for innumerable purposes like membership site, photo gallery, e-commerce site and any other site you can think of.The website is created with the same HTML codes like any other site, so there are no limitations on the website either. 

43.What do you do when your WordPress website is hacked?

Below are the basic steps that can be taken when your WordPress website is hacked

• Install security plugins like WP security

• Re-install the latest version of WordPress

• Change password and user-ids for all your users

• Check if all your themes and plug-ins are up-to-date

• Uninstall all plugins that are downloaded from untrusted places

44.How safe is your website on WordPress?

WordPress is safe to operate, but it is suggested to keep yourself updated with the latest version of WordPress in order to avoid hacking. 

Question: What is Wordpress?

Wordpress is Content Management System which have robust admin section. From Admin section you can manage the website text/html, image & videos etc. You can easily manage pages & posts. You can set meta title, meta description & meta keywords for each post. It gives you full control over post & pages . 

Question: Is Wordpress opensource?

Yes, Wordpress is opensource and you can do customization as per your requirement. Wordpress is built in PHP/MySql/javascript/jQuery which is also an opensource. 

Question: What is current stable version of wordpress?

4.1 released in November 20, 2014 

Question: What kind of website can I build with WordPress?

WordPress was originally developed as a blogging in 2003 but now it has been changed a lot. you can create personal website as well as commercial website. 

Following types of websites can be built in wordpress:

• Informative Website

• Personal Website

• Photo Gallery

• Business Website

• E-Commerce website

• Blogging

Today, million of free/paid wordpress themes, wordpress plugin are available which help you to create as per your requirement. 

Question: What is Hooks in wordpress?

Hooks allow user to create WordPress theme or plugin with shortcode without changing the original files. 

Question: What are the types of hooks in WordPress?

Following are two types of hooks

A) Action hooks: This hooks allow you to insert an additional code.

B) Filter hooks: Filter hooks will only allow you to add a content or text at the end of the post. 

Question: What are positive aspects of wordpress?

• Easy to install and upgrade the wordpress

• In-built SEO engine and you can manage the URL and meta data as per your requirement.

• Easy to themes and plugins

• Multilingual available in more than 70 languages

• Can be do customization as per requirement

• Lots of free/paid themes/plugin available

Question: What is the default prefix of wordpress tables?

wp_ is the prefix for wordpress but you can change at the time of installation. 

Question: What is WordPress loop?

The Loop is PHP code used by WordPress to display posts. 

Question: What are the template tags in WordPress?

Template tags is a code that instructs WordPress to "do" or "get" something 

Question: What are meta tags in wordpress?

Meta-tags are keywords and description used to display website. 

Question: How to secure your wordpress website?

• Install security plug-ins like WP security

• Change password of super admin OR other admin

• Add security level checks at server level like folder/file permission. 

Question: How many tables a default WordPress will have?

Following are main table in wordpress:

• wp_commentmeta

• wp_comments

• wp_links

• wp_options

• wp_postmeta

• wp_posts

• wp_terms

• wp_term_relationships

• wp_term_taxonomy

• wp_usermeta

• wp_users 

Question: How to hide the top admin bar at the frontend in WordPress?

Add following code functions.php 

add_filter('show_admin_bar', '__return_false'); 

Question: How to hide Directory Browsing in WordPress from server?

Add following code in htaccess file 

Options -Indexes 

Question: How to display custom field in wordpress? 

echo get_post_meta($post->ID, 'keyName', true); 

Question: How to run database Query in WordPress? 

$wpdb->query("select * from $wpdb->posts where ID>10 "); 

Question: What types of hooks in wordpress is used?

1)Following are Actions hooks:. 








2)Following are Filters hooks . 








Question: How can you backup your WordPress content?

WordPress admin -> Tools -> Import 

Question: List most commonly functions used in wordpress?

• wp_nav_menu() :- Displays a navigation menu.

• is_page() :- to check if this is page OR NOT, will return boolean value.

• get_the_excerpt() :- Copy the excerpt of the post into a specified variable.

• in_category() :- Check if the specified post is assigned to any of the specified categories OR not.

• the_title():- Displays the title of the post in website.

• the_content():- Displays the contents of the post in website.

Source: Contents are provided by Technicalsymposium Google Group Members. 
Disclaimer: All the above contents are provided by Google Group members. 
Further, this content is not intended to be used for commercial purpose. is not liable/responsible for any copyright issues.

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