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Visual Basic Materials-Free Download

What is FireHouse Cursors?

Forward Only Some time Updateable 

With in the form we want to check all the text box control are typed or not? How?

For each currentcontrol in controls

if typeof currentcontrol is TextBox then

end if


What are the type of validation available in VB?

Field, Form 

How to trap Data Base Error?

Dim x as RDOError



Setting the Cursors.

Default Cursor 0

ODBC Cursor (Client side) 1

ServerSide Cursors (More Network traffic) - 2 

How to declare Dll Procedure?

Declare function "" lib ""

Alias "" (Arg, ..) as Return type.

Referential Integrity (Take care By jet database Engine). Cascade Delete, Cascade Update is done setting property of Attributes.? 

DbRelationDeleteCascade, DbRelationUpdateCascade. 

How to increase the Date corresponding with month,date,year?


Hour, min, sec, month, year, DateSerial, dateadd, datediff, weekday, datevalue, timeserial,timevalue.

Name some date function?

Dateadd(), Datediff(), Datepart(), Cdate()

What is difference between datagrid and flexgrid?

Datagrid Editable. Flexigrid Non-Editable. (Generally used for Read only purpose.)

What are two validate with Data Control?

Data_Validate, Data_Error.

To connect the Data Control with Back end What are all the properties to be set?v Data source Name, Record Source Name

What are the Technologies for Accessing Database from Visual Basic?set?

DAO, Data Control, RDO, ODBCDIRECT, ADO, ODBC API , 0040.

What is the diff between the Create Object and Get object?

Create Object - To create an instance of an object.

Get Object To get the reference to an existing object.

What is Mask Edit and why it is used?

Control. Restricted data input as well as formatted data output.

What is RdExecDirect?

Bypasses the Creation of a stored procedure to execute the query. Does not apply to Oracle. 

Different type of Passing Value?

By value, By ref, Optional, Param Array. Note:- Optional keyword cannot be used while declaring arguments for a function using param array. 

What are types of binding?

Assigning variable with defined memory space.

Late Binding - Memory size is allotted in later stage.

Ex:- Dim x as object

Early Binding - Memory size is allotted while declaring itself. New Key word is important.

Ex:- Dim x as New Object

What is Dataware Control?

Any control bound to Data Control.

Ex:- Textbox, Check Box, Picture Box, Image Control, Label, List box, Combo Box, DB Combo, 

What methods are used for DBGrid in unbound mode?

AddData, EditData, Readdata, WriteData.

What is ADO? What are its objects ?

ActiveX Data Object. ADO can access data from both flat files as well as the databases. I.e., It is encapsulation of DAO, RDO, and OLE that is why we call it as OLE-DB Technology. Objects are Connection, Record Set, Command, Parameter, field, Error, Property. 

What is the max size allowed for Max Text box length. 32,000 

Record set types and Number available in VB?

3. 1- Dynaset, 0 Table, 2 Snap Shot.

What is the max size allowed for Max Control Names length?


How many procedures are in VB? 2. function and sub procedures 

What is the max size allowed for Max label caption length.? 2,048 

what will be the result for 15/4 and 154 ? 15/4 = 3.75 and 154 = 3 

What is the max size allowed for Msgbox Prompt and Input Box? 1024 

Calling Stored Procedures in VB?

1. Calling Simply the Procedure with out Arguments "Call ProcedureName}"

2. If it is with Arguments Means then

Declare the Query Def qy

Set Qy as New Query def

Qy.SQL = "{Call ProcedureName(?

DSN Less Connection?

"Server=Oracle; Driver={Microsoft ODBC for Oracle};"

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