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Visual Basic Materials-Free Download

What are the different types of error?

Syntax Errors, Runtime , Logic.

What is the diff between the Std and Class Module?

Std Global with in the project. Cls Global through out the all project only thing is we want to set the type lib. Class Modules can be Instantiated. 

What is Mixed Cursors?

Static + Keyset 

Drag and Drop state numbers and functions?

State 0 Source control is being dragged with the range of a target.

1 Out of the range of a target.

2 One position in the target to another.

What are the Style Properties of Combo Box?

Simple, Dropdown list We can type and select. Dropdown Combo Only Drop Down. 

What are the Style properties of List Box?

Simple Single Select , Extended. Multiple Select. 

What is Collection Objects?

Similarly to arrays but is preferred over an array because of the following reasons.

1. A collection objects uses less Memory than an array.

2. It provides methods to add and delete members.

3. It does not required reason statement when objects are added or deleted.

4. It does not have boundary limitations.

What is the difference between Property Get, Set and Let?

Set Value is assigned to ActiveX Object from the form.

Let Value is retried to ActiveX Object from the form.

Get- Assigns the value of an expression to a variable or property.

How to change the Mouse Pointer?

Screen.MousePointer = VBHourGlass/VBNormal. 

What is Friend Variable?

Scope sharable between projects. 

What is DBFailError?

Rolls Back updates if any errors Occurs. 

What are the record set types?

RdOpenFowardOnly 0 (Default used only for the read only purpose)

RdOpenStatic 1

RdOpenDynamic 2

RdOpenKeySet 3 (Normally used for the live project) 

What is the diff between RDO and ADO?

RDO is Hierarchy model where as ADO is Object model. ADO can access data from both flat files as well as the data bases. I.e., It is encapsulation of DAO, RDO , OLE that is why we call it as OLE-DB Technology. 

Diff types of Lock Types?

RdConcurReadOnly 0 (Default)

RdConcurLock 1 (Pessimistic Locking)

RdConcurRowver 2 (Optimistic Lociking)

RdConcurValues 3

RdConcurBatch 4

What are the scopes of the class?

Public, private, Friend 

Have you create Properties and Methods for your own Controls?

Properties Public variable of a Class

Method Public procedure of a class

Private Dim x as integer. Valid ?

Private cannot be used in front of DIM.

Different type of Instantiation?

Private Only for the Specific Module. Public not creatable Private & Public Multi Use - Variable we have to declare. Single Use Not possible through dll. Global Multiuse Have variable not Required to Declare. Global Single Use - Only for exe. 

What are the different types of Dialog Box?

Predefined, Custom, User Defined. 

What is Seek Method which type of record set is available this?

Only in DbOpenTables.

Syntax: rs.index = "empno" "=" , 10

If with our setting the rs.index then run time error will occur. 

What is Zorder Method?

Object.Zorder = 1 or 0 Place a Specified mdiform form or control at the front or back of the z-order with n its Graphical Level. 

Can us able to set Instancing properties like Singleuse, GlobalSingleuse to ActiveXDll?

No. What are properties available in Clip Board?

No Properties Available. Only the methods they are SetText, GetText, Setdata(), Getformat(), Clear. 

What is the different between Microsoft ODBC Driver and Oracle OBDC Driver?

Microsoft ODBC driver will support all the methods and properties of Visual Basic. Where as the Oracle not. 

What the RDO Methods and Events?

Methods Events

Begin Trans Validate

Commit Trans Reposition

Rollback Trans Error

Cancel Query Complied


Update Controls

Update row

What is MAPI ?

Messaging Application programming Interface. 

What is MDI form?

MDI Styles

What are the locks available in Visual Basic?

Locking is the process by which a DBMS restricts access to a row in a multi-user environment 4 types

of locks. They are

1. Batch Optimistic

2. Optimistic

3. Pessimistic

4. ReadOnly

Operations in a relational database act on a complete set of rows. The set of rows returned by a SELECT statement consists of all the rows that satisfy the conditions in the WHERE clause of the statement. This complete set of rows returned by the statement is known as the result set. Applications, especially those that are interactive and online, cannot always work effectively with the entire result set as a unit. These applications need a mechanism to work with one row or a small block of rows at a time. Cursors are an extension to result sets that provide that mechanism. Cursor or lock type Advantages Disadvantages AdOpenForwardOnly (Default) Low resource requirements Cannot scroll backward No data concurrency AdOpenStatic Scrollable (Wont detect changes made at the same time by another application) No data concurrency AdOpenKeyset Some data concurrency Scrollable Higher resource requirements Not available in disconnected scenario AdOpenDynamic High data concurrency Scrollable Highest resource requirements Not available in disconnected scenario AdLockReadOnly Low resource requirements Highly scalable Data not updatable through cursor AdLockBatchOptimistic Batch updates Allows disconnected scenarios Other users able to access data Data can be changed by multiple users at once AdLockPessimistic Data cannot be changed by other users while locked Prevents other users from accessing data while locked AdLockOptimistic Other users able to access data Data can be changed by multiple users at once 

Diff type of Datatypes?

LOB (Large Object Data type).

CLOB (Stores Character Objects).

BLOB ( Store Binary Objects such as Graphic, Video Chips and Sound files).

BFILE(Store file pointers to LOB It may Contain filename for photo’s store on CD_ROM).

What is Tabstrip control?

Libraries of procedure external to the application but can be called from the application. 

What is Static Variable?

Its Scope will be available through out the life time. 

What is DBSqlPassThrough?

It will By Passing the Jet Query Processor. 

What is the starting Index value? How to locate it?

It is tab control to place our controls with in the form in multiple sheets.

Index starts with 1.

And to identify If Tabstrip1.SelectedItem.

Index = 1 Then ..

End if

What is Parser Bug?

It is difficult to use database objects declared in a module from within a form. 

What is keyword used to compare to objects?

ISOperator Returns Boolean. 

Suppose from form1 to form2 object property settings will arise to ?

Invalid procedure call or argument (Run time error 5)

What is the return type of Instr and Strcmp?

Instr integer (Numeric position)

Strcmp - integer ( if both the string are equal they result = 0)

Strcmp (Str1, Str2, Comparetype)

Comparing mode = 0 Binary Comparing

1 Textual Comparing 

What is Implicit?

Instance of specific copy of a class with its own settings for the properties defined in that class. Note: The implicitly defined variable is never equal to nothing. 

What is Inprocess and Out of Process?

Inprocess It will run with in the memory. ( Local Machine). Out of Process It will run out of the memory Normally in the server side. 

Where will we give the option explicit keyword and for what?

In the general declarations section. To trap undeclared variables.

How can we call Stored procedure of Back End in RDO and ADO ?

In RDO We can call using RDO Query Objects.

In ADO We can call using Command Objects.

What is Static Cursor?

In ADO Snap Shot is called so.

How to check the condition in Msgbox?

If(Msgbox("Do you want to delete this Record",VbYesNo)=VbYes)Then End if

What is control array and how many we can have it with in the form?

Group of control share the same name. Max 32, 767.

What is diff between the Generic Variable and Specific Variable?

Generic Variable:

Create Object Ex:-Ole-Automation . No need refer the object library.

Specific Variable:

Binding Procedure Early and Late Binding ( Can be Remove from the Memory).

What is the diff. Between function and sub procedures?

Function will return value but a sub procedure wont return values

What is the max size allowed for Extension in Visual Basic?

Frm, bas, cls, res, vbx, ocx, frx, vbp, exe

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