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• Question 1. Explain About The Function Regex?

Answer :

This defines a template to parse certain regular expressions. It also defines several classes and functions to search text that is matching a regular expression object. There are many declarations, type definitions, template functions, and operator. 

• Question 2. Explain About Regex_search Function?

Answer :

Regex_search function searches for a regular expression. A true function is returned only when the search in its operand sequence succeeds. It also defines the various capture groups in the regular expression. Some of the parameters are alloc, Elem, RXtraits, etc. 

• Question 3. Discuss About The Stack Based Buffer Over Run Detection In Vc++?

Answer : Stack based buffer over run protects the program from executing malicious code. Function epilogue code checks the returned cookie for similarity if there is a mismatch it stops executing the code. It also moves around the stack which makes the data corruption harder. These features are present in Visual C++ 2005. It also mitigates various buffer over runs through memory decrease. 

• Question 4. Describe About Unordered_map?

Answer : Unordered_map defines container template classes such as unordered map and unordered multimap template. Under declarations unordered map Class and unordered multimap class are defined. These classes store hash table. 

• Question 5. Can We Declare A Static Function As Virtual?

Answer : The virtual function mechanism is used on the specific object that determines which virtual function to call. Since the static functions are not any way related to objects, they cannot be declared as virtual. 

• Question 6. What Are All The Situations Where The /gs Compiler Is Not Applied? 

These are the following situations where /GS compiler is not applied.

1. When functions do not contain a buffer

2. When optimizations is not enabled

3. It is obvious when functions are defined to have a variable argument list it cannot create a static cookie.

4. If functions are marked with a naked keyword such as (C++) etc a GS compiler cannot be created.

• Question 7. State Some New Features Which Are Incorporated Into Microsoft Visual C++ 2008?

Answer : Some of the new features which are introduced to VC++ are a large set of new MFC classes which will certainly help in building modern user interfaces. TR1 is the major addition to the pack of VC++. This also has new user interface, adjustable panes, and support for Microsoft office ribbon, controls, dialog boxes and windows. 

• Question 8. Explain About Cframewnd? 

MFC has an extensive set of classes present in its library out of which CFrameWnd is one of those. This is a very important class and it is used frequently. User defined classes can be created by CFrameWnd. To create a windows frame CFrameWnd provides class 

• Question 9. Explain About Tuple In Visual C++? 

Tuple defines instances of objects in varying types. Declarations, template functions and functions are defines in tuples. In class there are three elements they are tuple class, tuple size Class and tuple element Class are defined in Visual C++. • Question 10. Explain About Typedef? 

A type predicate takes one or more arguments and it is a template. If a type predicate is true it is publicly derived directly or indirectly from true type def. In case it is false it is publicly derived from false type def. 

• Question 11. Explain About Frames? 

Frame describes about the borders, dimensions and location of the window. Two types of MFC applications are present which use a frame. Application using frames use a concept known as Document/View architecture. This architecture allows a certain program to be present in applications. • Question 12. What Is The Disadvantage Of A Template Function? 

: A template function cannot be distributed in the obj form. This is because, fuction with which parameters the template function is going to be called is decided at the run time only. Therefore an obj form of a template function cannot be made by merely compiling it. 

• Question 13. Explain About Utility? 

Utility function has several general templates and can be used in Standard template library. Some of them are tuple element Class which is used to wrap the type of pair element. Get function is used to get an element from the pair object. Tuple size class wraps the pair element count. 

• Question 14. Explain About Cwinthread Class? 

If you want to provide a window to an application it is imperative to create a thread which can be done using CWinThread. A public member variable is used with CWinThread is m_pMainWnd. The main advantage which you can get when using this thread, it terminates the application without any hassles. 

• Question 15. Explain About Initapplication()? 

To display an output for a certain application programmers have to use InitApplication() method. InitApplication is a Boolean method. This function outputs a true if an application gets succeeded. If it did not succeed it displays a false command. Applications rely on this method to display a certain o/p

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