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51. What is Flare? 

Ans: Flare is a Portion of garment that spreads out or widens. 

52. What is Fly? 

Ans: Fly means the fabric used as lap to conceal an opening in a garment. 

53. What is Fold line? 

Ans: Fold line is the line where fabric is folded, usually vertically, when cutting out a garment. It is common for the center front of a garment to be placed on a fold line. 

54. What is Fusible web? 

Fusible web is a web-like adhesive that melts when you apply heat and moisture. 

55. What is Gather? 

Ans: Gather means to draw up fabric fullness on a line of stitching. 

56. What is Gore? 

Ans: Gore i s a tapered section of a garment; wider at the lower edge. 

57. What is Grade? 

Ans: Grade means to reduce the bulk of enclosed seams by trimming the individu al seam allowances different widths, clipping inward curves and corners, notching convex curves, and trimming away excess fabric at outward corners. 

58. What is Grosgrain? 

Ans: Grosgrain means the Silk fabric or ribbon having heavy crosswise ribs. 

59. What is Gusset? 

Ans: Gusset is a fabric piece inserted at the un der arm to give ease in the sleeve area. 

60. What is Hem? 

Ans: Hem is the finished portion on skirts, jackets and sleeves held in place with a hemming stitch. 

61. What is Interfacing? 

Ans: A carefully selected fabric placed between the garment and the facing fabric for added body, to give support, and to maintain shape. 

62. What is Join? 

Ans: A term used in pattern directions that usually means to stitch together the pieces re ferred to using normal seam allowances and regular stitches. 

63. What is Keyhole? 

Ans: A rounded neckline with an inverted, wedge-shaped opening at front or back. 

64. What is Lapels? 

Ans: A Part of a garment that turns back, especially the front neck- line fold of a jacket. 

65. What is Layout? 

Ans: Cutting chart on instruction guide sheet showing the place ment of pattern pieces. 

66. What is Line? 

Ans: Line means Style, outline or effect given by the cut and construction of a garment. 

67. What is Marking? 

Ans: Marking is the Transfer of construction symbols from paper pattern to fabric. 

68. What is Match? 

Ans: To bring notches or other construction markings on two pieces together. 

69. What is Miter? 

Ans: Miter – To form a diagonal seam at a square corner. 

70. What is Motif ? 

Ans: A Unit of design; used as decoration or pattern. 

71. What is Nap? 

Ans: A Soft surface with fibers that lie smoothly in one direction. 

72. What is Notch? 

Ans: Notch means the Cutting wedges from seam allowances of an outward curve. Also a pattern symbol transferred to fabric to indicate seaming. 

73. What is Notions? 

Ans: Items other than fabric or a pat- tern required to complete a garment, such as buttons, thread, zipper, etc. 

74. What is Pattern markings? 

Ans: The symbols for construction printed on the pattern, such as for darts, buttonholes, notches, dots or tucks. They are transferred from the pattern to the fabric by means of tailor’s tacks, notches, chalk, basting or tem porary fabric markers. 

75. Whah is Peplum? 

Ans: Peplum is a Small flounce or extension of garment around the hips, usually from the bodice. 

76. What is Pin basting? 

Ans: Pin basting is the technique of Pinning seams before stitching. 

77. What is Pinking? 

Ans: Cutting raw edges with pinking or scalloping sheers to prevent raveling. 

78. What is Pintuck? 

Ans: A narrow channel of fabric stitched together to form tuck design detail, used in French hand sewing. 

79. What is Pivot? 

Ans: The Stitching around a corner by leaving the needle in the fabric, raising the presser foot, and turning the fabric in a new direction. 

80. What is Placket? 

Ans: Garment opening fastened with zipper, snaps or buttons. Finish applied to sleeve opening with cuff. 

81. What is Pre-shrink? 

Ans: Washing/dry-cleaning fabric to allow for shrinkage of fabric before the garment construction. 

82. What is Princess line? 

Ans: Garment fitted with seams instead of darts. 

83. What is Ravel? 

Ans: Ravel means the fray in the cutting edges of the fabric. 

84. What is Raw –edge? 

Ans: Raw edge is the Unfinished edge of fabric. 

85. What is Right side of fabric? 

Ans: Right side is the Finished side of fabric, outside of garment. 

86. What is Rip? 

Ans: To remove stitches improperly placed; also tearing fabric along the straight grain. 

87. What is Roll? 

Ans: Roll is the desired curve and fold (commonly on a collar); shaping established by pressing, pad stitching, etc. 

88. What is seam? 

Ans: Seam refers the Two or more edges of fabric held together by sewing. Seam should be well constructed and appropriate for the fabric, type of garment, and the location on the garment. 

89. What is Seam allowance? 

Ans: Seam allowance means the Width of fabric beyond the seam line, not including the garment area. 

90. What is Seam binding? 

Ans: Seam binding is the Ribbon-like tape used to finish edges. 

91. What is secure? 

Ans: Fasten permanently by means of a knot, backstitching, etc. 

92. What is Self fabric? 

Ans: Self fabric means the same material as the rest of the garment. 

93. What is Selvage? 

Ans: Selvage is the Lengthwise finished edges on all woven fabrics. Running parallel to the lengthwise grain. 

94.What is Semi-fitted? 

Ans: Fitting to conform partly, but not too closely, to the shape of the figure. 

95. What is Serger? 

Ans: A machine that overcasts and trims an edge simultaneously. 

96. What is Shank? 

Ans: The Link between button and fabric to allow for the thickness of overlapping fabric. 

97. What is Sheath? 

Ans: Sheath means the Close-fitting dress with a straight skirt. 

98. What is Shirt waist? 

Ans: Dress with bodice details similar to a shirt. 

99. What is Shrinking? 

Ans: Constricting fabric with steam or water to eliminate excess in a specific area. Also done to fabric before cutting out a garment to prevent further fabric shrinkage. 

100. What is Silhouette? 

Ans: Silhouette means the Outline or contour of a figure or garment.

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