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Textile Technology Materials-Free Download

1. What is seam? 

Ans: Seam is joining of pieces of fabric together with stitching. 

2. What is French seam? 

Ans: French Seam is narrow seam within a seam, used on fabrics which ravel easily . 

3. What is trimming? 

Ans: Trimming is Evenly cutting away part of the seam allowance . 

4. What is seam Allowance? 

Ans: Seam Allowance is the Width between fabric edge and seam line . 

5. What is Plain Seam? 

Ans: Plain Seam is the Most common type of seam, Suitable for all areas of a garment and fabrics except for sheers and laces. 

6. What is Gathers? 

Ans: Gathers meanstheTiny, soft folds of fabric formed when a larger piece of fabric is sewn to a smaller piece 

7. What is seam finish? 

Ans: Seam Finish istheTreatment on seam edges to prevent raveling and make the seam stronger and last longer. 

8. What is Basting?

Ans: Basting is the Temporarily joining layers of fabric together. 

9. What is Grading ? 

Ans: Grading means theTrimming each seam allowance to a different width. 

10. What is Back stitching? 

Ans: Sewing backward and forward in the same place to secure stitching, is known as Backstitching. 

11. Dart 

Ans: A stitched fold that provides shape and fullness to a garment so that it fits the curves of the body 

12. What is Hem? 

Ans: A finished edge on a garment, one of the last steps in sewing a garment is called the hem. 

13. What is Notching ? 

Ans: Cutting V-shaped sections from the seam allowance is called notching. 

14. What is Clipping? 

Ans: Making straight cuts into the seam allowance is called clipping. 

15. What is Topstitched Seam ? 

Ans: A plain seam with a row of machine stitching on one or both sides of the seam line is known as the top stitched seam. 

16. What is Alter? 

Ans: Alter means to change the pattern or garment so that it fits the body and represents body measurements and proportions. 

17. What is Applique.? 

Ans: Applique is A cut-out decoration, design or motif applied to base fabric. 

18. What is Armscye? 

Ans: Armscye means the Armhole; opening for a sleeve. 

19. What is Asymmetrical ? 

Ans: Asymmetrical means the One-sided, not geometrically balanced. 

20. What is Baste? 

Ans: Baste is the Stitches made by hand or machine to hold fabric pieces together temporarily. 

21. What is Bias? 

Ans: Bias is the Diagonal direction of fabric. True bias is at a 45-degree angle to the grain line. 

22. What is Binding? 

Ans: Binding is the Strip to encase edges as a finish or trim. 

23. What is Blind hem? 

Ans: Blind hem means the Sewing a hem invisibly with hand or machine stitches. 

24. What is Blouson? 

Ans: Blouson means the Bloused effect of fullness gathered in at and falling over a seam, typically the bodice over a skirt. 

25. What is Bodice? 

Ans: Bodice means the Portion of garment above the waist. 

26. What is Bolt? 

Ans: Bolt is the Unit in which fabric is packaged and sold by the manufacturer. Usually contains 12 to 20 yards. 

27. What is Boning? 

Ans: Boning means the Flexible strips used to stiffen seams or edges. 

28. What is Casing? 

Ans: Casing is a folded-over edge of garment or area through which elastic or ribbon is threaded. 

29. What is Chevron? 

Ans: Chevron is a V-shaped stripes. 

30. what is Clean finish? 

Ans: Clean finish means the method for finishing the raw edges of pockets, hems or seams. 

31. What is Clip? 

Ans: Clip is a cut in fabric to allow ease on curves or corners. Also used to indicate notches in garment pattern. 

32. What is Closure? 

Ans: Closure means that which opens or closes a garment (buttons, snaps, etc., or the area on which they are Placed) 

33. What is Colorfast? 

Ans: Colorfast means the Fabric that will not fade or run during cleaning or laundering. 

34. What is contrasting? 

Ans: Contrasting means the Opposing; showing off differences of color, fabric, shading, etc. 

35. What is Crease?

Ans: Crease is a line made by folding the fabric and pressing the fold on this specified line . 

36. What is Dart? 

Ans: Dart is a tuck in the fabric that helps in fitting the garment over the body curve. 

37. What is Dolman? 

Ans: Dolman means the Sleeve set into a deep armhole so as to resemble a kimono sleeve. 

38. What is Double-breasted front? 

Ans: Double-breasted means Front closing that overlaps enough to allow two rows of buttons. 

39. What is Drum Lining? 

Ans: Drum lining is the Lining not sewn into garment seams. 

40. What is Ease? 

Ans: Ease is the even distribution of slight fullness when one section of a seam is joined to a slightly shorter section without forming gathers or tucks. Used to shape set-in sleeves, princess seams, etc. 

41. What is Edge stitching? 

Ans: Edge stitching is the Stitching placed 1/16 inch from the edge; may be stitching detail, such as topstitching or stitching done to finish the outer edge of a seam or facing edge. 

42. What is Empire? 

Ans: Empire is a High waistline bodice with a loose, straight skirt. 

43. What is enclosed seam? 

Ans: Enclosed seam means the seam allowance along a faced edge that is stitched and turned to form an enclosed seam between two layers of fabric. 

44. What is Eyelet? 

Ans: Eyelet is a small, round, finished hole in a garment or fabric. 

45. What do you mean by fabric hand? 

Ans: Fabric hand means the way a fabric feels and drapes; its flexibility, smooth- ness and softness. 

46. What is facing? 

Ans: Facing is to finish an edge by applying a fitted piece of fabric, binding, etc. Also the right side of the fabric. 

47. What is Fell stitch? 

Ans: Fell stitch is a Neat, tiny, vertical stitches used in tailoring. 

48. What is Finger Press? 

Ans: Finger press means the Pressing a small area by crease with the fingers. 

49. What is Finish? 

Ans: Finish is any means of completing a raw garment edge to keep it from raveling, rolling or fraying. 

50. What is Flap? 

Ans: Flap is the shaped garment piece attached by only one edge, such as a flap pocket.

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