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1. What is Fiber? 

Ans: Fiber, which is either spun (or twisted) into yarn or else directly compressed into fabric. 

2. What is yarn? 

Ans:Yarn, which is woven, knitted, or otherwise made into fabric. 

3. What is fabric? 

Ans: Fabric, which by various finishing processes becomes finished consumers goods. 

4. Define ‘Natural fibers’? 

Ans: Natural fibers that occur in nature can be classified as vegetable, animal, and mineral. 

5. Define ‘Man made fibers’? 

Ans: The natural material of cellulose has been taken from cotton linters and wood pulp, processed chemically, and changed in form and several other characteristics into fibers of various lengths. 

6. Define mineral fibers? 

Ans: Glass fibers are produced by combining silica sand, limestone, and certain other minerals. 

7. Define metallic fibers? 

Ans: Produced by mining and refining fibers such metals as aluminium, silver and gold. 

8. Define rubber fibers? 

Ans: Made from the sap tapped from the rubber tree. 

9. Give any three animal fibers? Ans: Wool, Silk, Hair. 

10. Give any three cellulosic fibers? Ans: Rayon, Acetate, Triacetate. 

11. Give any four vegetable fibers? Ans: Cotton, linen, jute, hemp. 

12. Give any three mineral fibers? Ans: Glass, ceramic, graphite. 

13. What is cotton fiber? Ans: The cotton fiber grows in the seepod, or boll or the cotton plant. Cotton yarn is used to make fabries for all type of apparel, home furnishings and industrial applications. 

14. What is linen fiber? Ans: Linen fiber is obtained from the stoke of the flax plant linen yarn can be very strong and lustrous and in used for apparel, have furnishings and upholstery. 

15. What is silk fiber? Ans: Is a fine continuous strand unwound from the cocoon of a moth caterpillar known as the silk worm. Silk is composed of protein. Lustrous, smooth, light weight, strong, and elastic. Used for apparel home furnishings, and upholstery. 

16. What is nylon? Ans: Nylon is thermoplastic, resilient, elastic and very strong. It is used for a wide variety of apparel, have furnishings and industrials products. 

17. What is polyester? Ans: Polyester fibers are thermo plastic, they have good strength and are hydrophobic, do not absorb water well. Used for a wide variety of apparel, home furnishings and industrial fabrics. 18. Define spandex? Ans: Spandex fibers are extremely elastic. They are used for such purpose as foundation garments, hosiery, swim wear and sports wear. 

19. Name two kinds of spinning machine? Ans: Ring frame, mule frame. 

20. What is the standard of cotton yarn count? Ans: The standard for the yarn count in cotton is I pound of fiber drawn out to make 840 yards of yarn. The resultant thickness or size is known as count number 1 or Ne1. 

21. What is ply yarns? Ans: Two or more strands or yarns are twisted together; they are designed as ply yarns. 

22. What is ASTM? Ans: American Society for Testing and Materials. 

23. What is ISO? Ans: International Organization for Standardization. 

24. What is ANSI? Ans: American National Standards Institute. 

25. What is ICS? Ans: Integrated Composite Spinning 84

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