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1 :: What is the basic difference between latches and flip flops? 

flip flops have clock signal whiles latches dont need any clock pulse.. 

2 :: What is race aroun condition in flip flop? 

in a jk flip flop(level triggerd) when J=1,k=1......the output Q continuosly keep changing between 1 and 0 as long as clock is high.....this is called race around condition. 

3 :: If a crow sit on on current wire it will not fell current but a man touch it he get shock . why? 

1) there is no grond termainal (-ve terminal to complete path),

2) tere is no conductor (conduction medium) In tere leg. 

4 :: Why 2 rectifier is used in smps? 

Its not necessary that a power plant uses only two

rectifiers, it depends on the load present at the site and the capacity of the rectifier or SMPS. Suppose the load at the site is 120 Amps and the SMPS capacity is 2000W or the current capacity of the recifier is 50 Amps. In that case 3 or more rectifiers is preffered. Rectifiers is used to balance the load in each phase. 

5 :: What is difference between voltage and potential? 

Voltage is referred as Potenial difference between two points.potential means its force. I think so.voltage defination is 100% correct. 

6 :: Why always current in some amp and voltage is 230? 

current is depending upon the load. ByOhm's law,

V -lR,here load is variable.v-230v so current is depending upon your load 7 :: Why I hire you and why i dont hire you?

You should hire me because I meet the eligibility criteria asked by you. Even I had the experience in this relevant field. I am a good team player. For the second question at the end of the interview you will be clear enough of my knowledge and my potential. That will help you to decide whether u sud hire me or not. 

9 :: What kind of modulation is used for land phone communication systems? 

pulse code modulation 

10 :: What is NMC? 

network management center 

11 :: what is ups and inverters? 

While both provide backup power during mains outage, with the UPS the switch is instantaneous whereas with the Inverter there is a gap of a second or two. This gap is OK for household gadgets such as lights, fans, fridge, etc. but not OK for computers.

In technical terms: 

UPS: The mains power comes to the UPS. The AC is converted to DC and this DC is constantly charging the battery. The output of the battery is fed to the Sine wave inverter and it converts DC to AC and this feeds the equipment. Since power out is always drawn from the battery, there is no time lag when mains swicthes off; it justs stops the battery from being charged and the UPS continues to supply power till the battery runs out. 

Inverter: The mains power comes to the Inverter. This is directly sent to the output but the AC is also converted to DC and this DC is constantly charging the battery. A sensor and relay mechanism checks whether the mains is ON or OFF. When the main switches OFF, the relay actuator triggers to switch from mains to inverter. Rest is same like the UPS. Because of this sensor and relay, there is a gap between triggering. 

UPS involves more costly circuitary and is therefor more expensive to make and sell. 

12 :: what effect at thersold value on transmission power is increase or decrease in telecommunication? When Transmission power increase the sensitivity of the antenna increase and so the threshold value decrease. 

13 :: what is ups and inverters. and how to give battery connections for ups? ups is a uninterputed power supply.inverter is invet the load in DC to AC than load taking the will be convertor is convet AC to DC that time battery is charged.battery connections in series.. 

14 :: What is operating ratio in railway? Operating Ratio = Total revenue / Total expenses 15 :: What is artificial intelligence? isnt it is dangerous? an artificial intelligence ic the branch of science which makes the computers to act as an human beings. yes AI is dangerous because it is leading us down to dystopia. it is exploits natural human zoomorphism. 

1 :: What is the difference between a Verilog task and a Verilog function? 

The following rules distinguish tasks from functions:

A function shall execute in one simulation time unit;

a task can contain time-controlling statements.

A function cannot enable a task;

a task can enable other tasks or functions.

A function shall have at least one input type argument and shall not have an output or inout type argument;

a task can have zero or more arguments of any type.

A function shall return a single value; a task shall not return a value. 

2 :: Given the following Verilog code, what value of "a" is displayed? 

Given the following Verilog code, what value of "a" is displayed?

always @(clk) begin

a = 0;

a <= 1;



This is a tricky one! Verilog scheduling semantics basically imply a four-level deep queue for the current simulation time: 

1: Active Events (blocking statements)

2: Inactive Events (#0 delays, etc)

3: Non-Blocking Assign Updates (non-blocking statements)

4: Monitor Events ($display, $monitor, etc).

Since the "a = 0" is an active event, it is scheduled into the 1st "queue". The "a <= 1" is a non-blocking event, so it's placed into the 3rd queue. Finally, the display statement is placed into the 4th queue. 

Only events in the active queue are completed this sim cycle, so the "a = 0" happens, and then the display shows a = 0. If we were to look at the value of a in the next sim cycle, it would show 1. 

Explain the differences between "Direct Mapped", "Fully Associative", and "Set Associative" caches 

If each block has only one place it can appear in the cache, the cache is said to be direct mapped. The mapping is usually (block-frame address) modulo (number of blocks in cache). 

If a block can be placed anywhere in the cache, the cache is said to be fully associative.

If a block can be placed in a restricted set of places in the cache, the cache is said to be set associative. A set is a group of two or more blocks in the cache. A block is first mapped onto a set, and then the block can be placed anywhere within the set. The set is usually chosen by bit selection; that is, (block-frame address) modulo (number of sets in cache). If there are n blocks in a set, the cache placement is called n-way set associative. 

15 :: Design a four-input NAND gate using only two-input NAND gates 

Basically, you can tie the inputs of a NAND gate together to get an inverter, so... 

16 :: Draw the state diagram for a circuit that outputs? 

Draw the state diagram for a circuit that outputs a "1" if the aggregate serial binary input is divisible by 5. For instance, if the input stream is 1, 0, 1, we output a "1" (since 101 is 5). If we then get a "0", the aggregate total is 10, so we output another "1" (and so on). 

We don't need to keep track of the entire string of numbers - if something is divisible by 5, it doesn't matter if it's 250 or 0, so we can just reset to 0. So we really only need to keep track of "0" through "4". 

17 :: Which of the following documents is non-statutory? 

* a) Health and Safety at Work Act

* b) Electricity at Work Regulations

* c) COSHH

* d) BS 7671- Requirements for Electrical Installations 

Answer – d 

18 :: Prior to using an electric saw on a construction site, a user check finds that the insulation on the supply flex is damaged. The correct procedure would be to 

* a) Replace the cord with a new one

* b) Report the damage to a supervisor after use

* c) Repair the cord with insulation tape

* d) Report the damage to a supervisor before use

Answer – d 

19 :: When carrying out repairs to the base of a street lighting column it is essential to wear 

* a) A safety harness

* b) High visibility clothes

* c) Gauntlets

* d) High voltage clothing

Answer – b 

20 :: First aid points are indicated using signs bearing a white cross on a 

* a) Yellow background

* b) Blue background

* c) Red background

* d) Green background

Answer – d 

21 :: The type of fire extinguisher, which would not be suitable for flammable liquids, is 

* a) Dry powder

* b) Water

* c) Carbon dioxide

* d) Foam

Answer – b 

22 :: CO2 fire extinguishers are indicated by the color code 

* a) Black

* b) Red

* c) Beige

* d) Blue 

Answer – a 

23 :: An independent regulatory body responsible for monitoring standards of electrical installation contractors is the 

* a) Electrical Institute Council

* b) Institute of Electrical Engineers

* c) National Electrical Contractors Institute Inspection Council

* d) National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contractors 

Answer – d 

24 :: To ensure that a particular item of electro technical equipment meets a particular British Standard or BSEN Harmonized Standard, the best source of information would be the 

a) manufacturer of the equipment

* b) British Standards Institute

* c) Institute of Electrical Engineers

* d) Supplier of the equipment

Answer – a 

25 :: Using a scale of 1:50, a 10 mm measurement taken from a plan would be equal to an actual measurement of 

* a) 5 mm * b) 5 cm * c) 0.5 m * d) 5 m 

Answer – c 

26 :: The Tesla is the unit of 

* a) Magnetic flux * b) Molecular flux * c) Magnetic flux density * d) Molecular flux density 

Answer – c 

27 :: A single rotation of an alternator, intended to provide a 50 Hz supply frequency, will take 

* a) 2 ms * b) 20 ms * c) 50 ms * d) 5000 ms 

Answer – b 

28 :: An increase in current through a conductor will lead to * a) A decrease in conductor temperature * b) A decrease in conductor resistance * c) An increase in insulation resistance * d) An increase in conductor temperature 

Answer – d 

29 :: Four resistors having values of 2 O, 2 O, 5 O, and 20 O are connected in a parallel circuit arrangement. The total resistance of this circuit is * a) 0.8 O * b) 1.25 O * c) 29 O * d) 400 O 

Answer – a 

30 :: Where P = V I. The value V can be determined using * a) V = _I_P * b) V = P I * c) V = P - I * d) V = _P_I 

Answer – d 

31 :: A mass of 20 kg is to be raised by a hoist 2 m in 30 seconds. Assuming no losses, the power required to raise this load is 

* a) 13.08 Watts * b) 196.2 Watts * c) 392.4 Watts * d) 1200 Watts 

Answer – a 

32 :: The white or grey PVC outer layer of a twin and CPC flat thermoplastic (PVC) cable is the 

* a) conductor * b) Insulation * c) Conductor * d) Sheath 

Answer – d 

33 :: The purpose of a bonding conductor is to provide * a) An earth fault path * b) An equal potential zone * c) Short circuit protection * d) Overload protection 

Answer – b 

34 :: A 110 V, centre-tapped earth, reduced low voltage supply for power tools provides a voltage of 

* a) 25 V between live conductors * b) 55 V to earth * c) 110 V to earth * d) 12 V SELV 

Answer – b 35 :: A particular extension lead used on a construction site is colored yellow to * a) Indicate its mechanical stress properties * b) Enable it to be seen in the dark * c) Indicate the supply voltage to it * d) Enable it to be to be identified as suitable for site use 

Answer – c 

36 :: The five main stages of the risk assessment procedure are: 

* a) Identify * b) Evaluate * c) Record * d) Implement * e) Review 

Answer – b 

37 :: The order in which they should be carried out is 

* a) 1, 3, 2, 4, 5

* b) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

* c) 2, 1, 4, 3, 5

* d) 2, 3, 1, 4, 5

Answer – a 

38 :: Before any work is done within an electrical installation, the first procedure would be to 

* a) Carry out a risk assessment

* b) Turn off the main switch

* c) Remove all components

* d) Install temporary supplies

Answer – c 

39 :: On a large construction site, inductions are carried out for new members of staff in order to inform them of the 

* a) Location of the canteen

* b) Requirements within BS 7671

* c) Fire safety procedure

* d) Location of the nearest wholesaler

Answer – d 

40 :: A suitable means of recording the number of visitors on a large construction site is by the use of a 

* a) Day work sheet * b) Timesheet * c) Take off sheet * d) Visitors book 

Answer – d 

41 :: In order to prove safe isolation of an electrical circuit, it is essential to use 

* a) A multi-meter * b) An insulation resistance tester * c) An approved voltage indicator * d) A low reading ohmmeter 

Answer – c 

42 :: In order to determine the amount of accessories required for a particular contract, the best method would be to use the layout drawings and a 

* a) Site diary * b) Take off sheet * c) Day work sheet * d) Time sheet 

Answer – b 

43 :: The ratio of the true power to apparent power in an ac circuit is the 

* a) Power consumption * b) Harmonic current * c) Power factor * d) Reactive power 

Answer – c 

44 :: Which of the following is a transmission voltage? 

* a) 400 kV * b) 33 kV * c) 400 V * d) 230 V 

Answer – a 

45 :: If a circuit protective device requires 200 A in order to disconnect in the required time, the overall impedance of the earth fault path for a 230 V circuit protected by the device must not exceed * a) 0.86 O * b) 1.15 O * c) 2.15 O * d) 2.30 O 

Answer – b 

46 :: Which of the following is a non-statutory regulation? 

* a) Electricity at Work Regulations * b) Health and Safety at Work Act * c) Electricity Safety, Quality, and Continuity Regulations * d) BS 7671- Requirements for Electrical Installations 

Answer – d 

47 :: For a drawing having a scale of 1:50, a wall 10 m long would be drawn to a length of 

* a) 10 mm * b) 20 cm * c) 50 cm * d) 10050 mm 

Answer – b 

48 :: The maximum operating temperature for a thermoplastic (pace) insulated cable with copper conductors is 

* a) 60 OC * b) 70 OC * c) 105 OC * d) 160 OC 

Answer – b 

49 :: A circuit wired in 1.5 mm2 thermoplastic (PVC) twin with CPC cable is protected by a 16 A device and is used to supply a 230 V 3 kW water heater. If the cable has a rated voltage drop of 29 mV/A/m and the circuit is 24 m long, the actual voltage drop will be 

* a) 2.08V * b) 9.07V * c) 11.14V * d) 69V 

Answer – b 

50 :: A non-maintained emergency light is classified as NM3. This means that the luminary will illuminate during * a) Normal conditions then automatically switch off after three hours * b) Any power failure for up to three hours * c) Both normal and power failure conditions then automatically switch off after three hours * d) Power failures that last longer than three hours but not shorter than three hours 

Answer – b 

51 :: An earthing arrangement that has a PEN conductor is 

* a) TN-C-S * b) TN-S * c) TT * d) IT 

Answer – a 

52 :: A residual current device will disconnect under * a) short circuit conditions only * b) Both earth fault and short circuit conditions * c) Earth fault conditions only * d) Overload conditions only 

Answer – c 

53 :: The most suitable item of equipment to mark a straight line in order to install a horizontal conduit over a distance of 4 m is a * a) Plumb line * b) Spirit level * c) Steel tape * d) Chalk line 

Answer – d 

54 :: A 50 mm x 50 mm steel trunking has a tabulated space factor of 1037. If the tabulated factor for PVC cable having a cross sectional area of 6 mm2 is 21.2, the maximum number of these cables that can be installed into the trunking is 

* a) 47 * b) 48 * c) 49 * d) 50 

Answer – b 

55 :: The four electrical tests that should be carried out on a new ring final circuit before it is energized are 

* a) Continuity of protective conductors, continuity of ring final circuits, insulation, - resistance and polarity

* b) Continuity of ring final circuits, insulation resistance, polarity, and earth fault loop - impedance

* c) Insulation resistance, polarity, earth fault loop impedance and continuity of protective - conductors

* d) Polarity, earth fault loop-impedance, continuity of protective conductors and Continuity of ring final circuits 

Answer – a 

56 :: The Electricity at Work Regulations state that electrical equipment must be maintained to prevent danger. Electrical equipment is defined as all small items of battery-powered equipment up to and including overhead power lines rated at 

* a) 230V * b) 400V * c) 33kV * d) 400kV 

Answer – d 

57 :: In order to prevent danger during maintenance operations, a voltage warning notice is required on all electrical accessories where 

* a) Voltage is present * b) The voltage exceeds 230V and such voltage would not be expected * c) The voltage exceeds 400V * d) The voltage is below 230V 

Answer – b 

58 :: In order to facilitate maintenance of a complex electrical system, the sequence of control for isolation can be best shown using a 

* a) Block diagram * b) Layout drawing * c) Circuit diagram * d) Bar chart 

Answer – a 

59 :: Balancing loads over three phases will reduce 

* a) Phase currents * b) Earth faults * c) Neutral currents * d) Overloads 

Answer – c 

60 :: Once a low-pressure mercury vapour lamp has lit, the purpose of the choke/ballast unit is to 

* a) Discharge voltage * b) Correct power factor * c) Suppress radio interference * d) Limit lamp current 

Answer – d 

61 :: Certain discharge luminaries mounted above rotating machine can give the appearance that the machine is at a standstill. This effect is known as 

a) Stroboscopic effect * b) Robotic effect * c) Rotor effect * d) Telescopic effect 

Answer – a

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