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Define WAVE format?

• The WAVE format was developed by IBM and Microsoft.

• It is one of the more popular formats as it is not only supported by all computers running the windows operating system, but also by all popular web browsers. 

• Files in the WAVE format have the extension. wav 

30. What are the uses of CBT/WBT?

CBT/WBTs today are used to cover a wide range of topics including orienting new employees joining an organization, training employees on new software applications and systems used in an organization. 

31. What is Windows Media format?

• The Windows Media format was developed by Microsoft.

• It is also one of the very popular formats on the Internet and on computers with the Windows operating system.

• It should be noted that this format requires the installation of an additional component in non- windows computers.

• Files in the Windows Media format have the extension.wmv 

32. How are 2–D animations classified?

2–D animations are classified into two categories: They are

• Cel based animations and

• Object based animations

What is AIFF format?

• AIFF or Audio Interchange File Format was developed by Apple.

• This is not a very popular format as it is neither cross- platform nor is it supported by all web browsers.

• Files in the AIFF format have the extension. aif or.aiff

34. Write a short note on MIDI?

• MIDI format cannot contain sound. It contains only digital notes. 

• It was developed in 1982.

• It is a very flexible format used wide range of musical applications.

• These files are relatively light. Sound files in the MIDI format have the extension. mid or. midi.

35. What is lossy compression?

• The lossy compression algorithm takes advantage of the limitations of the human visual senses and discards information that would not be sensed by the eye. 

• The loss of information is tolerable, and in many cases goes unnoticed. JPG is a lossy compression of the image. 

36. How are multimedia used in Engineering?

In Engineering, multimedia tools are used for designing and testing new components and products. 

37. What is the main reason for the popularity of Mp3 formats?

The main reason for the popularity of these formats is that they offer good compression and high quality.

• They are also cross-platform and supported by most popular web browsers.

• Sound file extension could be. Mp3. Video files extension are.mpg or.mpeg. 

38. What is shock wave format?

• The Shockwave format was developed by Macromedia and is used to store multimedia components created using flash. 

• This format requires an extra component to play.

• The additional component comes preinstalled with the latest versions of Netscape and Internet Explorer.

• Files in the Shock wave format have the extension.swf. 

39. What is quick time format?

• The Quick Time Format was developed by Apple primarily to store videos.

• It is a popular format on the Internet but requires the installation of an additional component in non-windows computers. 

• Files in the Quick Time Format have the 

40. What is animation?

• Animation is primarily used to illustrate or demonstrate an idea or a concept.

• Unlike videos that are usually taken from life, animations are based on drawings.

41. How is video recorded?

• Like sound, Video is also is also recorded and played back as an analog signal.

• So, we have to convert the video signal into a digital format before including it in a multimedia application. 

42. What is virtual reality?

• An environment which is experienced by users as similar to reality.

• The various multimedia components are coordinated with a technique called Virtual Reality. 

43. How are Multimedia used in Scientific environment?

A scientist can look at the molecular model of a compound and manipulate it.

44. What are the uses of Morphing and Warping?

Most modern multimedia applications, particularly games, combine these techniques with virtual reality to create an environment in which gives the viewer the feeling that he is part of that environment. 

How is Multimedia used in corporate communications?

Context-relevant animations, images and charts help in grabbing the viewers' attention and highlighting critical pieces of information in corporate presentations. 

46. What is vector graphics?

• Vector graphics help in rendering the image effectively on the screen.

• Many vendors provide special hardware called vector graphics cards to improve the efficiency in the display of images. 

47. Give an example of static images of multimedia?

Photographs are typical examples of static images. Both the GIF and JPG format compress the image in different ways. 

48. How are Multimedia used in the field of medicine?

In medicine, doctors can get trained by viewing a virtual surgery or by simulating a surgical procedure without endangering the life of a human being. 

What is the use of hyperlinks? 

• The use of hyperlinks in multimedia makes it easier to search for and view related content.

• Such non–linear access to information definitely speeds–up the learning process and makes it more rewarding.

50. What is vector graphics?

• Vector graphics help in rendering the image effectively on the screen.

• Many vendors provide special hardware called vector graphics cards to improve the efficiency in the display of images. 

51. What is pitch?

• The distance between the crests of the wave is called as the pitch and also called frequency.

• The greater the distance, the lower is the sound.

52. What is morphing?

A technique by which we can blend two or more images to form a new image is called as morphing. 

What is a cel–based animation? 

Cel–based animation consists of multiple drawings, each one a little different from the others. When displayed in rapid sequence, these drawings appear to move. 

54. What is the impact of information presented in a multimedia?

The impact of information presented in a multimedia is that the encyclopedia is several times greater than the same information presented in the printed version. 

55. What is AU format?

• The AU format is another sound format that is supported by most of the popular softwares in the marker across different platforms. 

• File in the AU format have the extension. Au 

56. Write a note on how to create a 3–D animation?

• To create a 3-D animation, first create the broad shapes and structures of the 3-D objects to be included in the animation. 

• Then, the created shape models must be animated to define their motion. Finally, we have to render by giving them the attributes, such as colors and textures to the objects. 

What is the speciality of multimedia? 

The Animated Films are popular among the adults and the children and this is the speciality of multimedia.

58. What is sound forge?

We can add special effects, such as echo, fade in, and fade out effects, by using sound editing programs such as sound forge. 

59. What are Object based animations?

• Object based animations also referred to as slide or path animations, are created by moving an object across a screen. 

• This type of animations are usually seen in a computer game. 

60. What are the areas where Multimedia elements are used?

Multimedia elements are also used in advertisements, product catalogs and online magazines.

Source: Contents are provided by Technicalsymposium Google Group Members. 
Disclaimer: All the above contents are provided by Google Group members. 
Further, this content is not intended to be used for commercial purpose. is not liable/responsible for any copyright issues.

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