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Technical Round Materials-Aeronautical Engineering-Free Download

How Important Are Aeronautical Engineers To Today's Society?

Answer :

Aeronautical Engineers the aircraft people use for business and holidaying would not be in the sky, it cannot be contested that society depends heavily on travel via aircraft.

Aeronautical Engineer will provide the solution to increase overall aircraft efficiency, thereby helping to drive down the levels of emissions current aircraft produce.

Aeronautical Engineers also help put the satellites in to space, the satellites we rely on for weather information, geospatial¬mapping data, environmental monitoring, telecommunications, and research.

Therefore, in answer to the question aerospace engineering plays a major role in society, producing and developing a lot of the technology we rely on heavily

• Question 19. How Many Types Of Emergency Landings Are There And Explain?

There are three types of emergency landings like:

* Forced landing : This is a situation where Air Craft engine fails and Pilot is forced to land the plane in the nearest airport.

* Precautionary landing : This is used when Pilot faces a problem due to severe weather conditions, or being lost in the air space traffic or due to lack of fuel or expecting an engine trouble.

* Ditching : This is when where Pilot cannot avoid this situation but to just land on water, which is safer than air bound.

• Question 20. How Important Is To Get The Passengers Switch Off The Mobile Phones And Laptops During Land Off. What Could Be The Consequences?

It is very important to check if laptop and mobile phones are switched off or not, as the consequences can be, bad�.because interference of aircraft communication devices and electronic devices interfere with each other and there could be chances of not proper landing. Therefore, it is highly recommended electronic and communication devices should be switched off during take off and landing

• Question 21. How Would You Handle The Extreme Pressure During Emergency If You Know That Plane Is Not Safe And It Might Crash Any Time?

Answer :

• Question 22. Can You Miss The Clearance Limit And Loose The Commands From The Air Craft Officer?

Answer :

Yes, there is a policy and procedure to be followed for the missing clearance limit problem, so a Pilot can leave and reach a different altitude for sometime within the limit and should come back to the proper clearance limit once things are in control. This time limit is only as per the procedure in the manual.

• Question 23. You Are About To Take Off The Plane In Few Seconds And A Catastrophic Engine Fails, And Your Captain Tells You Not To Take Off And Just Stay In The Centre Line. What Would You Do? Answer :

Once the take off procedure has started, it is no longer safe to stop the plane from take off. Instead, it is better to continue with the take off and its best handled in the air. All certified aircraft under 25 can run without an engine and there is no problem related to it for take off or to for plane landing. It is actually far better idea to handle the problem in the air than to face the situation on the runway, when plane engine is in high speed.

• Question 24. Without Air Traffic Control, What Is The Minimum Descent Rate You Can Descend The Plane?

A Pilot can descend up to 500� bare minimum, without informing the ATC (Air Traffic Controller) and this is only during an exceptional cases. However, it is always better to be in regular touch with the Air Traffic Controller and to keep him informed about the descent rate. This will not have any traffic problems during landing in the runway.

• Question 25. When A Pilot Is Assigned A Speed, How Much Can One Deviate From That Speed?

Complying and following the actual speed adjustment policies, a pilot can run and indicate plus or minus 10 knots or 0.02 Mach number of specified speed. It is always better to keep the land air officer in the loop before adjusting the air speed. Exceptions are always there to meet the emergency requirement.

• Question 26. Are You Prepared For Unexpected Turbulence?

Yes, given the proper trainingam confident that I will be able to handle the turbulence and will drive the plane in the correct altitude.

• Question 27. Explain What Is The Testing Done In Aerospace Engineering?

The testing of small rocket engines and entails development by researching on aerospace. They are responsible to perform and experiment on laboratory facility which is dedicated to aerospace. One should be capable of solving problems by applying knowledge by solving problem of the research done. They will be working with technical team of researchers and they should have ability handle projects alone.

• Question 28. Explain What Will Be The Responsibility Of The Spacecraft Operations,dynamics And Controls?

People working on these areas as a aerospace engineers should have familiarity and exposure to NASTRAN and MATLAB with knowledge on space environment and modeling of flexible dynamics. These aerospace engineers will be responsible to work in the areas of structural control, momentum control, line of sight (LOS), spacecraft mission design, control of space boards payloads, operational engineering.

Question 29. Tell Me What Is The Requirement To Become A Professional Engineer (pe) In The Field Of Aerospace?

Professional Engineer license is required for people who aspire to go in as officially approved engineer. The design specification is done by self employed people or working in small business. General aerospace engineers work for government or for big companies and hence few people are not very keen on becoming PE's. To become a PE one has to pass an exam on fundamentals of engineering which takes alot of hours to gruel and work under a licensed PE for about four years. Also they have to grow through a principle and practice of engineering exam which requires about 8 hours.

• Question 30. Explain What Made You Choose Aerospace Engineer Line As Your Career?

In aerospace engineering there are lots of interesting topics which include rocketry, aero planes, Lego's. As a school student I started sketching for future aircraft and space craft, military aircraft. I analyzed the importance of space travel, aviation history, and aerospace industry and hence decided to get into this field.

Source: Contents are provided by Technicalsymposium Google Group Members. Disclaimer: All the above contents are provided by Google Group members. Further, this content is not intended to be used for commercial purpose. is not liable/responsible for any copyright issues.

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