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What is Asynchronous in Ajax?

We can set the Asynchronous value as true OR false.


Ajax request execute independently, Its response can come earlier than other request which is execute later

. Async=true

Ajax request does not execute independently, Its response can comes when earlier request finished.

What is the difference between JavaScript and AJAX?

JavaScript makes a request to the server and waits for the response. It consumes more bandwidth as it reloads the page.

AJAX sends a request to the server and doesn’t wait for the response. It doesn’t reload the page so consumes less bandwidth.

What are the different ready states of a request in AJAX?

There are 5 ready states of a request in AJAX.

0 means UNOPENED

1 means OPENED


3 means LOADING

4 means DONE

What does XMLHttpRequest?

sends data in the background receives data

updates data without reloading the page

What are the real web applications of AJAX currently running in the market?





Youtube etc.

What is JSON in AJAX?

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. It is easy to understand and data exchange is fast than XML. It supports array.

What are the properties of XMLHttpRequest?

The important properties of XMLHttpRequest object are given below.





What are the technologies used by AJAX?






What do the different readystates in XMLHttpRequest?

Following are different stats(0-4) of ready state in XMLHttpRequest

0 Ajax Request not initialized

1 Ajax Request’s server connection established

2 Ajax Request received

3 Ajax Request processing

4 request finished and response is ready.

What js library are available to use the Ajax?

Following are few JS library which are used for Ajax




YUI Library

Backbone js

What are advantage of AJax?

Its faster as it load only required content.

More user friendly.

One page application possible due to Ajax.

Reduce the loading of page.

What is XMLHttpRequest?

XMLHttpRequest is an API available to web browser scripting languages (i.e. JavaScript).

It is used to send HTTP/HTTPS requests to a web server and load the server’s response

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