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1. The house with all its(a) / furniture and exotic plants(b) / were sold for Rs. 50,000(c) / No error(d) Answer : c

2. The teacher asked the students(a) / if everyone of them were interested in(b) / going on an excursion(c) / No error(d)

Answer : b

3. A physiologist in the last century demonstrated(a) / that puppies will die(b) / if kept awake for more than five days(c) / No error(d)

Answer : b

4. It is unfortunate that(a) / many youngsters get(b) / addicted to gamble(c) / No error(d) Answer : c

5. I have seen(a) / that film last year(b) / but I do not remember its story(c) / No error(d) Answer : a

6. Twice twelve(a) / makes(b) / twenty four (c)/ No error(d) Answer : b

7. The flight purser took control(a) / of the plane after(b) / the pilot had had(c) / a heart attack(c)/ No error(d) Answer : c

8. My friend did not see me(a) / for many years(b) / when I met him last week(c) / No error(d) Answer : a

9. We grieve our loss and cry helplessly(a) / while we should be fighting for our rights(b) / and die a noble death(c) / No error(d) Answer : b

10. Work hard(a) / lest you will(b) / fail(c)/ No error(d) Answer : d

Directions(11-18): The following questions, consist of two words each that have a certain relationship to each other, followed by four lettered pairs of words. Select the lettered pair that has the same relationship as the original pair of words.

11. Plants : Coal

(a) Crops : Manure (b) Animals : Oil (c) Cow : Milk (d) Fire : Smoke

Answer : b

12. Rectangle : Cylinder

(a) Square : Sphere (b) Circle : Dosc (c) Triangle : Cone (d) Wall : Room

Answer : c

13. Expend : Replenish

(a) Exhort : Encourage (b) Formant : Rebellion (c) Defect : Rejoin (d) Encroachment : Occupy

Answer : c

14. Kangaroo: Australia

(a) Whale: River (b) Elephant: Russia (c) Penguin: Antarctica (d) India: Peacock

Answer : c

15. Coronation: Reign

(a) Vaccination: Immunity (b) Sculptor: Statue (c) Degree : Graduate (d) Summer: Rain

Answer : d

16. Grain: Salt

(a) Chip: Glass (b) Blades: Grass (c) Shred: Wood (d) Shard: Pottery

Answer : a

17. Scythe; Reaping

(a) Light: Shining (b) Shears: Cutting (c) Saws: Gluing (d) Screws: Turning

Answer : b

18. Dislike: Repulsion

(a) Dream: Sleep (b) Steal: Crime (c) Reputation: Behavior (d) Intelligence: Wit

Answer : d

Directions (19-20): In each of the following questions, a sentence has been given in Active (or passive) voice. Out of the four alternatives suggested select the one which best express the same sentence in Passive (or Active) Voice.

19. His pocket has been picked.

(a) They have his pocket picked (b) Picking has been done to his pocket (c) Picked has been his pocket (d) Someone has picked his pocket.

Answer : d

20. Someone gave her a bull dog.

(a) She was given a bull dog. (b) a bull dog was given to her (c) She has been given a bull dog (d) She is being given a bull dog by someone

Answer: b

Directions(21-23): Pick out the most effective word from the given words to fill in the blank to make the sentence meaningfully complete.

21. He succeeded in getting possession????..his land after a long court case

(a) For (b) to (c) of (d) with (e) against

Answer : c

22. Now a day Rajani is ????.busy to take care of her health.

(a) Very (b) too (c) so (d) extremely

Answer : b

23. Had the police not reached there in time the bandits him

(a) Did have killed (b) will have killed (c) would kill (d) would have killed

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