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1. He reached an agreement with the union through negotiations and thus was able to _____ a possible strike.

(A) prevent (B) avert (C) deflect (D) oppose (E) confront (F) revert

A. D and E

B. A and B

C. A and C

D. C and F

Answer: Option B

Solution: He reached an agreement or compromise through ‘negotiations’ and he was able to ‘prevent’ or ‘avert’ a strike.

2.Her dress appears new


Answer: Option B

3. Season

A. seasonal B. seasoning C. seasonable D. seasoned

Answer: Option D

4. The rioters acts of _____ and vandalism were strongly condemned by all political parties.

(A) brutality (B) incendiarism (C) arson (D) delinquency (E) cruelty (F) barbarism

A. A and F

B. A and E

C. B and C

D. D and E

Answer: Option C

Solution: The sentence implies that the words which fit into the blank should be related hence the words ‘arson’ and ‘incendiarism’ are most appropriate.

5. Application

A. applicant B. apply C. appliance D. applicable

Answer: Option B

6. Scholar

A. er B. ty C. hood D. ship

Answer: Option D

7. Minority aspirations cannot forever be kept in check _______ the gun.

A. with B. from C. by D. through

Answer: Option A

8. To get something for a song

A. to get something by playing a short piece of music B. to get something at a very low price C. to complain about something D. to start learning music E. to give a musical performance

Answer: Option B

Solution: ‘To get something for a song’ is to get something at a very low price

9. Ashok was a Mauryan king.

A. simple past B. simple present C. future perfect D. past perfect

Answer: Option A

10. He is poor. He is happy.

a) Despite ———–

b) Admitting that ———–

c) He is poor indeed ———–

A. Only A

B. A & B

C. A & C

D. Only C

E. A , B & C

Answer: Option E

11. But for your help. I would not have been able to solve this problem.

A. If you had helped me B. Without your helping C. Had you helped me D. In case you helped me

Answer: Option E

Solution: The sentence requires no correction. Choice (A) though grammatically correct is logically inconsistent.

12. The minister categorically denied the allegations levelled against him as a plot to tarnish his image.

A. levelled over him B. level on him C. level over him D. level against him E. No correction required

Answer: Option E

Solution: The sentence does not require any correction.

13. One must be broadminded in one’s outlook. Only then can one remain focused and think positive.

(A) Because one must be broadminded …..

(B) Unless one is broadminded …..

(C) Although one is broadminded …..

A. Only A

B. Only B

C. Only C

D. A and B

Answer: Option B

Solution: Only B is correct because A and B do not covey the meaning implied.

14. The house

(P) about half a mile distant

(Q) that stunds in front of us

(R) was built of stones

(S) which were dug out of its own site





Answer: Option C

15. In summer, days are more warmer than nights.

A. more warm B. warmest C. warmer D. none

Answer: Option C

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