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1. Verbal Reasoning

2. Logical Reasoning and Aptitude

3. Quantitative Aptitude

4. Technical Questions

Verbal Reasoning:

1. Which of the two statements together prove that KATIE HAS BROWN HAIR

1. Katie has long hair

2. Monica has brown hair

3. Monica is 10 years old

4. Katie and Monica have same hair color

5. Monica has short hair

A. 1 and 2 B. 1 and 5 C. 2 and 4 D. 1 and 4

2. In a particular code




In this code find out which word has the meaning DIWALI?



A. Publishing

B. Media C. Newsroom D. Typing

4. Which of the words mentioned below means the same as OUTGOING?

A. Extrovert B. Contain C. Exit D. Introvert

5. 3 of the four words mentioned here are alike in some way or other. Find the odd word.

A. Petrified B. Terrified C. Scared D. Crooked

6. Mentioned are 4 words which are alike in some form or other:

Felony/ Wrongdoing /Sin/ Offence

Which of these words will not fill along with these words?

A. Prison B. Immoral C. Crime D. Misconduct

7. Assuming that all the mills are hills, some hills are jills, and some tills are rills.

Answer the following question: A. All mils are jils B. Some hils are mils C. Some mils are hils D. Some jils are hils E. All tils are hils

8. Motion: Run:: Emotion:

A. Emotional B. Emotive C. Feeling D. Heart E. Furious

9. Police arrested the criminal. Change the voice.

A. Police has the criminal arrested B. He is being arrested by Police C. He has been arrested by Police D. He was arrested by Police

10. Hedge Hog is a what?

A. Planet B. Country C. Animal D. City

11. Words of language English mainly originate from which language?

A. Roman B. Hebrew C. Italian D. Arabic

12. ?Alas, I shot the albatross? In which poet?s popular poem will you find this quote?

A. Bryon B. William Shakespeare C. Samuel Taylor Coleridge D. William Wordsworth

13. Most common example of a marsupial is?

A. Lizard B. Kangaroo C. Snake D. Kiwi

14. What does effluent mean?

A. Fast B. Wealthy C. Liquid Waste D. Halo Effect

15. What is the meaning of the saying, ? A stitch a time saves nine?

A. One should do his own stitching B. Regular acts of trouble management save massive trouble afterwards. C. Nine people may be saved only if you stitch properly D. None

Look carefully at the series and deduce which pair of numbers will come next?

16. 7 9 45 12 14 45 17 19 __ __

A. 66 22 B. 22 24 C. 66 19 D. None of the above

17. 17 32 19 29 21 26 23 __ __

A. 23 25 B. 27 32 C. 20 22 D. 25 25

18. J14, __, __, P20, R22

A. M18 B. N18 C. S24 D. T24

Mentioned below is a sentence with two blanks, one word is mentioned below and the other word forms the necessary part of that sentence. Choose the second word from options mentioned below: ?

A _______ is not possible without _______.?

19. Championship

A. Fixing B. Swimming C. Winning D. Talking

20. Dome

A. Curve B. Geodesic C. Croppery D. Government

21. Glacier

A. History B. River C. Ice D. Sea

22. Statement 1: Frames of eyewear cost between Rs 499 to 10999.

Statement 2: Some of the frames are made of titanium

Statement 3: Some of the frames are made of plastic.

If all of the three statements mentioned are proven to be facts which of the below mentioned statements must also be considered a fact on the basis of given data.

I. Glasses containing Titanium frames are higher in price than plastic frames

II. Very less eye glasses cost below Rs 499

III. Costly glasses have longer life than cheap ones.

A. Only I

B. Only II

C. I and III

D. None

23. Statement I: Islands are pieces of lands surrounded by water bodies on all sides.

Statement II: Hawaii is an island

Statement III: Formation of Hawaii took place because of a volcano.

If all of the three statements mentioned are proven to be facts which of the below mentioned statements must also be considered a fact on the basis of given data.

I. Hawaii is surrounded by water on all sides.

II. All the islands are masses formed because of volcanic eruptions

III. Volcanoes can only be found on islands.

A. Only I B. Only II C. II and III D. None

24. Four defenders in the FIFA World Cup are chasing Lionel Messi, who currently has the ball. Hummels is just behind Messi. Boatang and Mertesacker are running side by side behind Hummels. Philip Lahm is behind Boatang and Mertesaker. Hummels goes for the tackles but fails and as a result Boatang trips and falls down. Eventually ball is stolen by a tackle, who is most likely to tackle Messi after the fall?

A. Hummels B. Mertesacker C. Lahm D. Boatang

Directions for Q 25. Both questions mentioned below contain a statement mentioned which is followed by 2 assumptions which are numbered I and II. Read the statement carefully decide which of the assumptions are implicit to the statement mentioned above:

25. Government of XYZ country has decided to levy a 2 % tax which is payable for social cause of helping all the flood victims of the country.


Assumption I: XYZ Government does not have the financial means to help flood victims on their own.

Assumption II: Amount collected by this tax may well be enough for funding of flood victims and running flood relief programme.

A. Only option I can be considered Implicit B. Only option II can be considered Implicit C. Either I or II is implicit D. None of the assumptions are implicit E. Both the assumptions are implicit.

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