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1).A bird shooter was asked how many birds he had in the bag he replied that there Were all sparrows but six ,all pigeons but six,all ducks but six how many birds had he in all?

Sol. “There were all sparrows but six “means that 6 birds were not all sparrows but Only pigeons and ducks .

similarly,no of sparrows plus no of ducks equal to six and

no of sparrows plus no of ducks equal to six

this is possible when there r 3 sparrows,3 pigeons,3 ducks.i.e. 9 birds in all.

2).The avg weight of 3 men A,B,and C is 84 kgs another man D joined the group and the avg now becomes 80 .if another man E whose weight is 3 kgs more than that of D replaces A then the avg weight of B,C,D,E becomes 79 kgs.The weight of A is?

a)70kgs b)72kgs c)75kgs d)80kgs sol. 75kgs

3).A Student was asked to find the value of 3/8th of sum of money. The student made A mistake by dividing the sum by 3/8and thus got an answer which exceeed the Correct answer by 55 the correct answer was?

a)9 b)18 c) 24 c)64 Sol. 8/3x-3/8x=55 X=24

4).4 Childrens A,B,C,D is divided a bag of sweets .A takes 1/3 of them ,B 2/5th of the remaining and the rest is equally shared between c&d what fraction of the sweets that C&D get?

a)1/4 b)1/5 c) 1/6 d)1/17

Sol. A’s share =1/3, remainder=1-1/3=2/3 B’s share=2/5 of 2/3=4/15 rest =2/3-4/15=2/5 C’s share=D’s share=1/2 of 2/5=1/5. 5)12 men working 8hrs per day complete piece of work in 10 days . to complete the same work in 8days,working 15hrs a day,the no of men required is ?

sol) Let req no of men=x 8*15*x=10*12*8 x=8


7)In profit and loss question like find gain% or loss% like If the cos price of 11 articles is equal to s.p of 10 articles ,what is profit/loss percent? Sol: 10%profit

8)In percentages like rohit spends 40% of sal on food,20% on,10% on entertainment,10% on conveyance .saving end of month is 1500 find monthly sal? ans :7500

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