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1. Gene

A.ic C.tic D.ize

Answer: Option C

2. He went on —– foolishly.

A. spoke B. to speaking C. speaking D. speaks

Answer: Option C

3. One is always considered a/an _____ in any foreign country, irrespective of the number of years he has lived there.

(A) amateur (B) threat (C) alien (D) menace (E) outsider (F) ally

A. A and F

B. B and D

C. C and E

D. E and F

Answer: Option C

Solution: In a foreign land or country one is treated as an ‘alien’ or an ‘outsider’.

4. Select the odd one out

A. Judge B. Chamber C. Tennis D. Lawyer

Answer: Option C

5. Let us attend the party.

A. shall not we? B. shall we? C. shan’t we? D. none of these

Answer: Option B

6. There was no agreement _________ the great powers ________ a treaty to ban nuclear weapons.

A. between, about B. among, on C. in, for D. with, about

Answer: Option B

7. An educated guess

A. to use words or phrases from a book

B. a guess that is based on the opinion of a person who is close to you

C. something that nobody can be certain about

D. a guess based on some degree of knowledge, and is therefore likely to be correct

Answer: Option D

Solution: ‘An educated or a calculated guess’ is a guess based on some degree of knowledge and is therefore likely to be correct.


A. dexterous B. intelligent C. experienced D. sincere E. hard-working

Answer: Option E

9. He made a promise.

He kept it. a) Making ———– b) He not only ———– c) Besides making ———–

A. A & B B. B & C C. A , B & C D. Only A

Answer: Option B

10. Born with a silver spoon, Tom always lived a life of luxury.

A. Having had born with a silver spoon B. After he was born with a silver spoon C. When he was born with a silver spoon D. He was born with a silver spoon E. No correction required

Answer: Option E

Solution: The sentence requires no correction

11. Unless I have a peaceful environment, I will be not able to complete my work.

A. will not be able B. am not able C. would be not able D. was not able

Answer: Option A

Solution: When there are two parts of a verb given in a sentence (will be) the negative has to come between the two (i.e) ‘will not be’.

12. His French isn’t very good. He has lived in France for eight years.

(A) Even if he has lived in France …..

(B) Even though he has lived in France for …..

(C) Since he has lived in France for …..

A. Only A B. Only B C. Only C D. A and B

Answer: Option B

Solution: Though he has lived in France for eight years he has not learnt French. This idea is best brought out using the starter B. The other two starters do not convey the same idea.

13. The boy

(P) with big blue eyes

(Q) watched him

(R) and he never said a word (S) that had an uncanny cold fire in them


Answer: Option C

14. These days it is rare to find a politician with a clean record. —- When this is the situation, all talks about eradication of corruption is nothing but hollow. (A) It is common for ministers, MPs and MLAs to possess agencies of petrol pumps and gas, own medical and engineering colleges, five star hotels etc. (B) This is one of the reasons why politicians vie with each other to become MLAs, MPs and ministers. (C) The recent revelations in the petrol pump scam are not overly surprising.

A. Only C

B. A and B

C. Only B

D. B and C

Answer: Option B

Solution: Statements A and B further elaborate on the idea expressed in the first sentence.

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