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1. We hope that we shall win the match.

A. We hope that we shall win the match.

B. It is hoped that the match will be won by us.

C. Match winning is our hope.

D. The match is hoped to be won.

Answer: Option B

2. One who believes in God.

A. agnostic B. theist C. secularist D. devotee

Answer: Option B


A. immoral B. moral C. unjust D. justifiable E. capricious

Answer: Option B

Solution: The words wanton and moral are antonyms.

4. I like listening to Wesley go on about politics and social issues; his opinions are ______ with my own beliefs.

A. latent B. explicit C. consonant D. ensconced E. rife

Answer: Option C

Solution: Consonant (adj.) means in agreement or accord, harmonious; having similar sounds.

5. Childhood obesity is an alarming health issue. It is rife in the cities.

(A) Childhood obesity is an alarming health issue that is …..

(B) Childhood obesity which is an alarming …..

(C) Childhood obesity is an alarming health issue because …..

A. A and C

B. B and C

C. A and B

D. Only A

E. All the three

Answer: Option C

Solution: The second sentence gives additional information to what is stated in the first. Hence the use of ‘that’ and ‘which’ can combine them without changing their meaning. But the use of ‘because’ distorts the meaning and hence cannot be used.

6. My cousin has invested a lot of money ———- farming.

A. in B. for C. on D. into

Answer: Option A

7. Select the odd one out

A. Canteen B. Dancer C. Stage D. Makeup

Answer: Option A


A. knotted B. smooth C. stranded D. mended E. repaired

Answer: Option C

Solution: To be marooned means to be abandoned alone in a remote place. Stranded also means the same.

9. Being a strong adherent of _____ and modesty he resents any ostentatious display of wealth.

(A) grandeur (B) thrift (C) frugality (D) flamboyance (E) extravagance (F) humbleness

A. A and D B. B and C C. C and F D. A and E E. D and E

Answer: Option B


The word which can fit into the blank is linked to the word ‘modesty’ with the conjunction ‘and’, hence the word which goes into the blank should be similar to the word ‘modesty’. Hence ‘frugality’ and ‘thrift’ are most appropriate.

10. Gradual recovery from illness

A. Hysteria B. Amnesia C. Superannuation D. Convalescence

Answer: Option D

Solution: Convalescence

11. —– apples I bought are sour

A. no article B. a C. an D. the

Answer: Option D

12. Most of the candidates are over-qualified for the post. Mohan is the only person who is the least qualified among them.

(A) Mohan is the only qualified person …..

(B) While most of the candidates are over qualified …..

(C) Except Mohan all other candidates …..

A. Only A

B. Only B

C. A and B

D. B and C

E. None of these.

Answer: Option D

Solution: B and C convey the meaning correctly, while A is incorrect.

13. Choose the correct spelt word out of the given alternatives.

A. Restaurent B. Restaurant C. Rastaurent D. Rasteraunt

Answer: Option B

14. To perform this experiment (a) / drop little sugar (b) / into a glass of water(c) / No error (d)

A. to perform this experiment B. drop little sugar C. into a glass of water D. no error

Answer: Option B

15. The recent natural calamities not only produced casualities, it also triggered, emergency relief intended to address the life-threatening problems of survivors.

A. and it also triggered B. and also it triggered C. but they also triggered D. but also they triggered E. No correction required

Answer: Option C


‘Calamities’ is a plural word and hence it should be indicated by the pronoun ‘they’. Hence the correct expression ‘they also triggered’.

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