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36) a man sells an article with a 20% discount and gain a profit of 20%...what would be the profit percentage if he sells it with 10% discount...?? sol; 35(not sure)

37)sum of the infinite terms in a gp is 230 and sum of squares is 23 ...find the common ratio. sol: 10/13

38) fourth term of an ap is 200 and first term is 5 find the tenth term...?? ans:

39) if S+2R=220 and S=80 then R=.??? sol: 70

40) if 25% of x=y then 67.5% of x in terms of y is... sol: 100/y2 (not sure)

41)A student was performing an arithmetic operation and he multiplied a number by 3/2 instead of dividing it by 2/3 ...what was its error percentage..?? sol: 0%

42) Probability:

a radioactive element disintegrates by 20 th part every hour and find the probability that no matter is left out in a duration of 45 min...??

sol: since it deals with radioactive element 'n' is usually poissons distribution is to be applied...




Hence lamba=15

P(x=0)= (e-15)*(150)/(0!)


43) If side of the square is x+2 and side of equilateral triangle is 2x and the perimeters of both square and equilateral triangle are equal ...then find the value of x..?? sol: 4*(x+2)=(3*2x) i.e; x=4

44) if side of the square of increased by 5 and change in area was 165 then find the value of side of the square...?? sol: (x+5)2-x2=165 10x+25=165 10x=140 x=14

45 -50)) similar questions were given and were easy....


51-52) a passage with inferences to be drawn...

53) saritha and kavitha are seperated by a certain distance of 100m and walking towards each other and savitha started from her house and walked for 30m East and turned right and walked upto 10m and then turned left and walked upto 20m and again turned left and walked to the road ...what is the distance between the two girls now..?? sol: i think 20m(not sure jus try..)

54 and 55) deductions

56) choose which part has error A or B or C or D

we entered(A)/into the room(B)/after the class was over(c)/No Error(D)

sol: we entered the room after the class was over

ans: B

57) we discussed(A)/about the pollitics(B)/ in the class room(C)/No Error(D)

sol: we discussed the pollitics in the class room.

ans: B

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