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1) Cmos had advantage over TTL

a)Low power consumption and low fan out

b)Low power consumption and high fan out

c)High speed with low power consumption

Ans) b 2) How many half adders and Or gate is required to build a 4 Bit Full adder?

a)8 and 4 b)8&3 c)7&4 d)7&3

Ans) a

3)What is the output voltage if input is 3V with forward loop gain 2 and feedback loop gain of 2?

a)1.2 b)0.6 c)3.2

Ans) a

4) Power output of a rectifier is 40W and Power input is 100W what is the efficiency??

a)20% b)40% c)80%

5)What are the number of select lines for 32:1 mux?

a)3 b)4 c)5 d)6


6)Number of flip flops needed for mod 34 counter?

a)5 b)6 c)7 d)8


7)Most commonly used scheduling algorithm??

a)Multilevel queue threading b)First come first serve c)Pre-emptive d)Round robin




int const *p = 10;

printf(?%d?, ++(*p));


Ans: Compilation Error

sol: Constant cant be modified.

2) .main()


int I;

char *a = ?man?;




ans: mmmm





extern int i = 10;



Ans: Compiler error



float f= 1.1;

double d = 1.1;

if ( f == d)

printf(?I LOVE U?);


printf(?I HATE U?);



Sol: Due to precision Considerations ...

5) A tree was given and postorder traversal is to be found out...(Easy)

6) What is the name of the Command used to partition the disk

ANS: fdisk

Sol: When you run the fdisk and format commands, the Master Boot Record (MBR) and file allocation tables are created. The MBR and file allocation tables store the necessary disk geometry that allows hard disk to accept, store, and retrieve data

7)A question from MS-DOS


8)A quesion is on paging(Memory management)

Formulae: Effective access time=((1-p)*m+(p*s))

where (1-p) is called hit ratio, p is called page fault ratio, 'm' is called main memory access time, 's' is called pagefault service time.

9) The header file that is included to use manipulators is

10) Which data structure is easier to implement the trees...??? sol: Linked Lists..

11)Function used to display the character on the console is ..?? sol: PUT

12) No of nodes in a perfect Binary tree is..?? sol: (2*n-1)

13) No of queues needed to implement the priority queue..?? ans:two

sol: Priority queue uses two queues

1) for storing the data

2) other for storing the priorities.

14)Heterogeneous Linked List is implemented using...??? sol: void pointers

15) a variable used to store the address of another variable is termed as..?? sol: Pointer..

16) #include

void main()


int i = 15;

int const &j = i;

cout << i << j << endl;

i = 9;

cout << i << j << endl



15 15

9 9

17)Virtual Memory consist of main memory and ...??? sol: Swap files

18) Which class addressing system has less no of hosts...??? sol: class D(not sure)

19)Which of the following is a network layer protocol a) TELNET b) FTP. c)smtp d)none sol: telnet

20)many questions on computer networks....( around 10 questions....i left all of them)

Prepare 'top down approach' - ross and kurose for computer would be helpful..

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