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21. Which of the following data structure store the homogeneous data elements?

A.Arrays B.Records C.Pointers D.None

Answer: B

22. If you need to duplicate the entire disk, which command will you use?

A.Copy B.Diskcopy C.Chkdsk D.Format

Answer: B

Solution: Diskcopy is used to perform track-by-track copy of a disk into another. Copy command copies selected files; chkdsk and format commands are not for copying purpose

23. The SQL command to create a table is:


Answer: D

24. Which SQL trigger does SQL Server NOT support?

A.BEFORE B.INSTEAD OF C.AFTER D.SQL Server supports all three

Answer: A

25. Pre-processors does not do which one of the following

A.macro B.conditional compliclation type checking D.including load file

Answer: C

26. How many buses are connected as part of the 8085 microprocessor?

A.2 B.3 C.5 D.8

Answer: B

27. In a CLIENT/SERVER environment , which of the following would not be done at the client ?

A.User interface part B.Data validation at entry line C.Responding to user events D.None of the above

Answer: D

28. Which command will delete all data from a table and will not write to the rollback segment?


Answer: B

29. The system variable that records the select statement that SQL * FORMS most recently used to populate a block is


Answer: D

30. Which of the following is part of an administrative policy to secure a database?

A.Authentication policies B.Limiting particular areas within a building to only authorized people C.Ensure appropriate responses rates are in external maintenance agreements D.All of the above.

Answer: D

1. Choose the correct alternative that will continue the same pattern and fill in the blank spaces:

0.5, 1.5, 4.5, 13.5, (….)

A. 45.5 B. 39.5 C. 30.5 D. 40.5

Answer: Option D


Each term of the series is obtained by multiplying the preceding term by 3. Missing number = 13.5 * 3 = 40.5.

2. Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions:

A word and number arrangement machine when given an input line of words and numbers rearranges them following a particular rule in each step. The following is an illustration of input and rearrangement:

Input: 25 280 345 36 93 147 550

Step I: 550 280 345 36 93 147 25

Step II: 550 345 280 36 93 147 25

Step III: 550 345 280 147 93 36 25

This is the final arrangement and step III is the last step for this input.

Following is the step II for an input. What will be the first step for the input?

Step II: 595 438 28 142 38 65 289

A. 595 28 438 142 38 65 289

B. 595 438 142 28 38 65 289

C. 595 28 142 438 38 65 289

D. Cannot be determined

Answer: Option D


Numbers are getting arranged in descending order.

The largest of the given number interchanges its place with the first number. IN case the largest number is already arranged, the second largest is interchanged with the number next to the largest number, and so on until the numbers are arranged in descending order. This step cannot be determined

3. Cause: It is found that the computer of one of the top officials in the Prime Minister’s office is hacked.

Which of the following can be a possible effect of the above cause?

A. The government may stop providing computers to top officials. B. The government may order immediate change of security features on all computers used by top officials.

C. the government may ask all top officials to stop using computers for any government related work.

D. The government may ask all the top officials to take a back up of all the data in their computers immediately.

Answer: Option B


The hacking of computers of a top official may raises security concerns because the top official may be dealing with such issues which need to be held under strict secrecy. Choice (a) and (c) may not take place because without computers the storage and recovery of data becomes difficult and time consuming. Choice (b) may take place, because government may first safe guard the computers of other top officials from being hacked. Loss of data is not the matter here. The problem is that the data is being accessed by unauthorised persons. Hence (d) is not a possible effect. Since there is no information that hacking is done with the knowledge of the official concerned (e) is not a possible effect. Hence, (b) is a possible cause.

4. Statement:

“The city’s top ranker for SSC examination this year will be definitely from our school.” – Principal of a school ‘X’. Assumptions:

I. The teachers of the school have prepared their students thoroughly.

II. Most of intelligent students in the city are studying in school ‘X’.

A. If only assumption I is implicit

B. If only assumption II is implicit

C. If either I or II is implicit

D. If neither I nor II is implicit

Answer: Option A


As a principal, he trusts his teacher that they would have prepared the students thoroughly. So that they could appear in the list of toppers. Hence I is implicit. Only intelligence cannot be the basis of the Principal’s statement. Hence II is not implicit.

5. The number of instances where judges have made unwanted remarks in open courts against other constitutional/ statutory bodies or persons who were not before them is increasing. There is a need to bring such behaviour of judges within the purview of judicial standards.

Which of the following can be inferred/concluded from the given information?

A. There is a set of judicial standards which the judges are expected to follow.

B. Till now no one has set any standards for judges.

C. It is not desirable for the judges to pass such comments on other constitutional/ statutory bodies in their absence.

D. Freedom of expression cannot be exercised while in official capacity.

Answer: Option A


The passage states that the behaviour of the judges such as commenting on other constitutional/ statutory bodies or persons should be brought under judicial standards. This indicates that there are certain standards already existing. Hence, (A) can be inferred from the passage. Choice (B) contradicts the information given in the passage. The first sentence in the passage states that the number of instances is increasing. This statement does not mention whether it is a good sign or not. The latter statement wants this behaviour to be brought under judicial statements. From this it is clear that the assumption involved is that such behaviour is not desirable. Hence, (C) is the assumption implicit in the passage. The passage is referring to passing particular kind of comments but it is not against every kind of comment. Hence, (D) cannot be concluded. Choice (A) is the inference.

6. Statement:

Cooperative social relationships contribute to develop individual potentialities.


I. Every society desires to prosper.

II. Individuals desire to develop their potential.

III. It is possible to create and maintain cooperative environment in a society.

A. Only II and III

B. Only II and I

C. Only I and III

D. Only II

Answer: Option A

7. Young is related to old in the same way as wide is related to?

A. Insufficient B. Big C. Narrow D. Long

Answer: Option C

Solution: The words in each pair are antonyms of each other

8. (A) A disease called conjuctivitis (also called Madras eye) prevailed in the state of Andhra Pradesh where one in every five people was effected.

(B) A large number of people from Madras migrated to Andhra Pradesh.

A. if statement (A) is the cause and statement (B) is its effect.

B. if statement (B) is the cause and statement (A) is its effect.

C. if both the statements (A) and (B) are independent causes.

D. if both the statements (A) and (B) are effects of independent causes.

Answer: Option D

Solution: The disease has no relation with people of Madras. Hence, (A) and (B) are effects of independence causes.

9. Statement:

The government’s efforts to curtail drug abuse is unable to achieve any result, mainly because the people who are involved in this are closely related to high profile people in the society.

Which of the following is a course of action that can be initiated to reduce drug menace?

A. The government should provide more support to the enforcement authority in bringing such people to books.

B. The government should ask the drug peddlers to not to sell drugs to high profile people.

C. The government should declare consumption of drugs as illegal.

D. The Prime Minister should call for meeting of all high profile people in the society to discuss the matter.

Answer: Option A


The statement brings out the reasons behind the government’s failure to curtail drug menace. As the people involved are high profile people, it is possible that the efforts of the enforcement authority do not run smoothly. Choice (1) states that the government should increase its support to the enforcement authority. This would help them to perform their duty properly. Hence, (1) is proper course of action. Choice (2) is meaningless as the government does not support selling of drugs at all. Choice (3) is based on the assumption that drug abuse is not declared illegal. Hence, (3) is not a proper course of action. It is meaningless to have meeting with those who are actually involved in illegal activity to discuss about such activity. Hence, (4) is not a proper course of action. Hence, Choice (1) is proper course of action.

10. A fruit basket contains more apples than lemons.

There are more lemons in the basket than there are oranges.

The basket contains more apples than oranges.

If the first two statements are true, the third statement is

A. true B. false C. uncertain D. None

Answer: Option A

Solution: There are fewer oranges than either apples or lemons, so the statement is true.

11. 40 30 3600

15 24 17

What is the sum of the two resultant number of the set of the number given above?

A. 22 B. 23 C. 25 D. 42

Answer: Option C

12. You find a lady’s purse dropped on the road and on picking it up, find a thousand rupees inside. You would :

A. take the purse away. B. take out the money and leave the purse there. C. deposit it at the nearest police station. D. stand there and wait for the owner.

Answer: Option D

Solution: stand there and wait for the owner.

13. harvest

A. autumn B. stockpile C. tractor D. crop

Answer: Option D

Solution: To harvest something, one must have a crop, which is the essential element for this item. Autumn (choice a) is not the only time crops are harvested. There may not be enough of a crop to stockpile (choice b), and you can harvest crops without a tractor (choice c).

14. Statement:

Students attendance in regular colleges is falling day by day, while in private coaching centers the situation is just the opposite.

Courses of Action:

I. Students must be given individual attention.

II. At least once in a week they must be given a test.

III. Without proper attendance, a student must not be allowed to attend the final examinations.

A. Only II follows B. I and III follow C. Only III follows D. All the three follow E. None follows

Answer: Option E

Solution: Course of action I is based on the assumption that the students are not attending the class due to lack of individual attention, hence I does not follow. For the similar reason course of action II is not proper course of action. II is not a proper course of action. Course of action III force the student to attend the class without solving the problem of not attending the classes. Hence, III does not follow. .

15. Statement :All windows are doors .No door is a bat

A. No window is bat B. No bat is door C. none of these D. All widows are bats

Ans. B

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