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Mathematical: it was of medium level. The questions consisted partnership, C.I., S.I., ....

a. x% of y is y% of what..?

Ans: x

b. if a is r% more than b then how much % is b less than a ? ans: not r itself, it is (r/(r+100))*100

c. a person goes to puck fruits in a garden. he passes three gates. He plucks some fruits and while coming back, he gives half of what he has plucked to the watchman at each gate and in return the watchman gives one fruit back. This repeats at all the three gates and the person finds that he is left with the same no. of fruits what he had plucked. Now find how many fruits did the person pluck? Ans: 2.

d. Person a sold 2 apples for 50 p (big sized) Person b sold 3 apples for 50p (small sized) . after a while, b goes away. "a" mixes all apples and sells 5 apples for 1 rupee. When b comes back, he found that there were short of money by 3.50. how much loss has "a" actually incurred? (question is similar but not same..) answer not known.

Logical: finding fourth no., a b c d ..series.., code words i.e., if Sydney is coded as concav, then what is America coded as? Six or eight persons sitting in circle,.. type of problems. There were 10 rows and 10 cols, children were made to stand height wise, ...some similar problem.

Before aptitude, we had to write a paragraph of 8 to 10 lines, about a given topic for 10 minutes.

Our topic: how has your college enabled your career?


1. Remixes of songs, justified or not?

2. Is China a treat to Indian IT field

3. Indian cricket..

4. Joint families..


It was very easy, I was asked about : Pointers ( *c and * * c - how to dereference, initialize, their meaning..)

Data structs: stacks queues and linked list, their principal, how to add an element in linked list,

Swaping of two no.s without using third variable, ans: a=a+b, b+a-b,a=a-b

Pass by value and pass by reference

For loop, for infinite looping (just syntax) Hybrid inheritance and virtual functions, the virtual table concept.

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