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1- What is max. no. of hops in hypercube n/w with n (=2 ^ p) to go from one node to another ?

a. p b. log p c. n ^ 2

2- What is Kerberos ?

ans. Authentication Protocol.

3-In completely connected multiprocessor system with n processors , links will be of the order of

a. O(n ^ 2) b. O(2 ^ n) c. O(n/2)

4-When quick sort gives worst performance ?

ans. When elements are in order.

5- o/p of each sorting step of 8 elements was given and had to recognise which sorting algo.? Ans. Bubble sort (Not Sure , Check it out )

6-In worst case ,which sort is best out of following sorts?



c.quick (ans.)

d. insertion

7-Three very simple gate circuits each having inputs A,B,C,D were given and had to tell ,which two give same result ? (DeMorgan's Law was used in solving )

Ans. was (a) &(c) (o/p of a & c was coming to be AB +CD)

8- K-map given,had to tell simplified function

Ans was perhaps AB+AD +AC+BCD

K-Map was CD`

AB 0 0 0 0

0 0 1 0

1 1 1 1

0 1 1 1

9-What is Function Point ? Ans. S/W estimation technique

10-p points to an integer. We don't want p to change value. In C, what declarations will we use?

A const int *p *p const *p

e. int* const p (perhaps ans.)

11-Diff between 2NF &3NF ?

Ans. D (last option)

12.Which does not use client server model ?

a. Email

b. Web access

c. C. Telephone call

d. N/w file system

13-In a pipeline having 3 stages, each having reliability of 0.9 ,what is overall reliability of pipeline?

a. 0.9 b. 0.729 c. 0.81

14-2level cacheis there first level cache's access time is 100ns,second level cache's access time is 33ns & memory access time is 1000 ns What is total memory access time ? ans. 140 ns

15-In public key cryptography,Awillsend message to B ans. Using B's public key

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