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HTML Ans. Hyper Text Markup Language

RISC Ans. Reduced Instruction Set Computing

ASCII Ans. American Standard Code For Information Interchange

ANSI Ans. American National Standard Institute.

XML Ans. Extended Markup Language

FLOPS Ans. Floating Point Operating Per Second

SQL Ans. Sequential Query Language

QBE Ans. Query By Example

ALE Ans. Address Latch Enable

What is lagging in DBMS ? Ans. Reduced Redundancy.

Directions 12 to 20: For the following questions find the odd man out



Oracle Informix Sybase LISP


Laser Inkjet Dotmatirx Mouse

Ans. Mouse

Dir Cls Csh Copy

Ans. Csh

Bit Byte Nibble Digit

Ans. Digit

Hard Disk Floppy Drive CD ROM Cache

Ans. Cache


Ans. Oracle



Projection Operation Selection Operation Intersection Set Difference Operation

Ans. Intersection

Which of the following is a universal gate ?

(a) OR (b) AND (c) XOR (d) NOR

Ans. NOR

The default back end of the VB is

(a) Oracle (b) Sybase (c) Informics

Ans. Sybase

What is meant by Superconductivity? Ans. No reistance

Viscosity Ans. Friction

What is the Lock Based Protocol used for? Ans. Concurrency Control in DBMS

Directions for question 25 to 32: Convert the decimal numbers on the left to the required form

9's complement of 28

Ans. 71 Binary of 58 Ans. 111010

Octal of 359 Ans.547

Hexadecimal of 650 Ans.28A

BCD of 18 Ans.0001 1000

BCD of 34.8 Ans.0011 0100.1000

Excess-3 code of 6 Ans.1001

Excess-3 code of 9 Ans.1100

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