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Software Companies Placement Papers With Answers- Aditi -Free Download

Directions for question 3-5 : Answer the questions based on the passage above them

Liz, Jenni, Jolie and Rick have an English final on Friday and they all would like to study together at least once before the test.

Liz can study only on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights and Thursday afternoon and night.

Jenni can study only on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights and Tuesday afternoon and night.

Jolie can study only on Wednesday and Thursday nights, Tuesday afternoon and Monday afternoon and night.

Rick can study the afternoons and nights of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and on Monday afternoon.

23. If the group is to study twice, then the days could be

(a) Monday and Wednesday

(b) Tuesday and Thursday

(c) Wednesday and Thursday

(d) Monday and Friday

(e) Tuesday and Wednesday

24. If three of them tried to study together when all four couldn’t

(a) this would be possible twice

(b) it would have to be on Wednesday night

(c) Rick could not attend the three person groups

(d) This could be accomplised on Monday and Tuesday only

(e) This would not be possible

25. If Liz decided to study every night,

(a) she would never be able to study with Rick

(b) she would never be able to study with Jolie

(c) she would have at least two study partners each night

(d) she would have to study alone on Monday night

(e) she would study with only Jenni on Thursday night

1. What is the number of functions of a three variable boolean function?

2. Which is the most commonly used replacement algorithm?

Ans. LRU

3. Which memory management technique involves dividing the memory into fixed sized blocks?

Ans. Paging

4. What is video resolution ?

5. The processing speed of a microprocessor depends on _____?

Ans. data bus width


NOTE: The questions are of multiple choice format in the paper

1. What is the output of the program given below




char i=0;

for(;i>=0;i++) ;



2. What is the output of the following program




int i=0;








3. What is the memory allocated by the following definition ?

int (*x)[10];

4. What is the memory allocated by the following definition ?

int (*x)();

5. In the following program segment




int a=2;

int b=9;

int c=1;










How many times is c=c*a calculated?

6. In the program segment in question 5 what is the value of a at the end of the while loop?

7. What is the output for the program given below

typedef enum grade{GOOD,BAD,WORST,}BAD;



BAD g1;




8. Give the output for the following program.

#define STYLE1 char



typedef char STYLE2;






printf(“%d %d\n”,x,y);


9. Give the output for the following program segment.

#ifdef TRUE

int I=0;




int j=0;

printf(“%d %d\n”,i,j);


10. In the following program




char *pDestn,*pSource=”I Love You Daddy”;






(a)Free() fails

(b)Strcpy() fails

(c)prints I love You Daddy


11. What is the output for the following program




char a[5][5],flag;



printf(“%d\n”,flag); }

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