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1. Looking at a portrait of a man Harsh said,” His mother is the wife of my father’s son brother and sister I have none at whose portrait was harsh looking?

A. His son B. His cousin C. His uncle D. His Nephew

Answer: Option A

Solution: Since Harsh has no brother or sister. So he is his father only son, So wife of harsh’s father’s son –Harsha wife .Thus harsh’s wife is the man’s mother i.e.., or the man is harsh’s son.

2. 1. Punishment 2. Prison 3. Arrest 4. Crime 5. Judgement

A. 5,1,2,3,4 B. 4,3,5,2,1 C. 4,3,5,1,2 D. 2,3,1,4,5

Answer: Option C

3. In a class of 45 Students, a boy is ranked 20th when two boys joined his rank was dropped by one. What is the rank from the end?

A. 25th B. 26th C. 27th D. 28th

Answer: Option C

4. Statement:

The State Government has abolished the scheme of providing concessional air ticket to students.


I. Students will not travel by air in future.

II. The students who resort to travel by air can bear the expense of air ticket.

A. If only assumption I is implicit

B. If only assumption II is implicit

C. If either I or II is implicit

D. If neither I nor II is implicit

E. If both I and II are implicit

Answer: Option B

Solution: I is not implicit. In reality it contradicts the actual assumption. Again, why has government abolished the scheme? The government must be assuming II.

5. There are no effective boundaries when it comes to pollutants. Studies have shown that toxic insecticides that have been banned in many countries are riding the wind from countries where they remain legal. Compounds such as DDT and toxaphene have been found in remote places like the Yukon and other Arctic regions. This paragraph best supports the statement that

A. toxic insecticides such as DDT have not been banned throughout the world.

B. more pollutants find their way into polar climates than they do into warmer areas.

C. studies have proven that many countries have ignored their own antipollution laws.

D. DDT and toxaphene are the two most toxic insecticides in the world.

E. even a worldwide ban on toxic insecticides would not stop the spread of DDT pollution.

Answer: Option A


The support for this choice is in the second sentence, which states that in some countries, toxic insecticides are still legal. Choice b is incorrect because even though polar regions are mentioned in the paragraph, there is no support for the idea that warmer regions are not just as affected. There is no support for choice c. Choice d can be ruled out because there is nothing to indicate that DDT and toxaphene are the most toxic. Choice e is illogical.

6. A, P, R, X, S and Z are sitting in the arrow. S and Z are in the center and A and P are at the ends R is sitting to the left of A. Then who is sitting on the right of P?

A. A B. S C. X D. Z

Answer: Option C


R is on the left of A i.e,, R.A A and P are At the center i.e..,P—R.A S and Z are at the center P—S.Z.R.A Thus the arrangement in the row is P.X.S.Z.R.A Clearly, X is on the right of P.

7. Assertion:

The supreme court “ordered a ban on registration of private non-commercial vehicles without Euro II emission norms in the national capital region (NCR) from April 1, 2000, to control the growing pollution”. RI. The rate of pollution now has become a threat to human life. RII. So far, private non-commercial vehicles have been registered without Euro II emission norms in the NCR.

A. Only RI and not RII is the reason for the assertion.

B. only RII and not RI is the reason for the assertion.

C. either RI or RII, but not both, is the reason for the assertion.

D. neither RI nor RII is the reason for the assertion.

E. both RI and RII are the reason for the assertion.

Answer: Option A


RII does not explain the reason. The situation given in RII does not necessitate the ban.

RI is a valid reason as it necessitate a ban on such vehicles as they threaten human life.

8. The policy of India needs to be revamped to reduce the extent of poverty in the country.

A. If the inference is definitely true

B. If the inference is probably true

C. If the data are inadequate

D. If the inference is probably false

E. If the inference is definitely false

Answer: Option A

Solution: From the last line it may be inferred.

9. A mountain always has

A. Ranger

B. Peak

C. Snow

D. Valley

Answer: Option B

10. If the population of state B in the year 1994 was 5 lakh, what was approximately population in the year 1996?

A. 9.50 lakh

B. 8 lakh

C. 10.50 lakh

D. 14.50 lakh

E. 11 lakh

Answer: Option C

Solution: Population of state B in the year 1996 = 5 * 155/100 * 135/100 ˜ 10.50 lakh

11. 4 7 26 10 13 20 16

A. 14 4 B. 14 17 C. 18 14 D. 19 13 E. 19 14

Answer: Option E

Solution: Two patterns alternate here, with every third number following the alternate pattern. In the main series, beginning with 4, 3 is added to each number to arrive at the next. In the alternating series, beginning with 26, 6 is subtracted from each number to arrive at the next.

12. monopoly

A. corrupt B. exclusive C. rich D. gigantic

Answer: Option B

Solution: The essential part of a monopoly is that it involves exclusive ownership or control.

13. autograph

A. athlete B. actor C. signature D. pen

Answer: Option C

Solution: Without a signature, there is no autograph. Athletes and actors (choices a and b) may sign autographs, but they are not essential. An autograph can be signed with something other than a pen (choice d).

14. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to that group?

A. Arrow B. Sword C. Knife D. Axe E. Pistol

Answer: Option A

Solution: All others are held in the hand and not shot out.

15. If the code for TEACHING IS CHEATING then what will be the code for GRADIENT?


Answer: Option A

Solution: AS TEACHING: CHEATING 12345678:45231678 Similarly, GRADIENT : DIRAGENT 12345678: 45231678

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