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16. If the area of two circles are in the ratio 169 : 196 then the ratio of their radii is

A. 10 : 11 B. 11 : 12 C. 12 : 13 D. 13 : 14

Ans. D

17. A portion of $7200 is invested at a 4% annual return, while the remainder is invested at a 5% annual return. If the annual income from both portions is the same, what is the total income from the two investments?

A. $160 B. $320 C. $400 D. $720

Ans. B

18. If a building b feet high casts a shadow f feet long, then, at the same time of day, a tree t feet high will cast a shadow how many feet long?

A. ft/b B. fb/t C. fb/t D. fb/t

Ans. A

19. If 1 cm on a map corresponds to an actual distance of 40 kms. And the distance on the map between Bombay and Calcutta is 37.5 cms., the actual distance between them is

A. 375 kms B. 3750 kms C. 1500 kms D. 1375 kms

Ans. C

20. A group of workers can do a piece of work in 24 days. However as 7 of them were absent it took 30 days to complete the work. How many people actually worked on the job to complete it?

A. 35 B. 30 C. 28 D. 42

Ans. C

21. What is the greatest value of a positive integer n such that 3n is a factor of 1815 ?

A. 15 B. 18 C. 30 D. 33

Ans. C

22. Two identical taps fill 2/5 of a tank in 20 minutes. When one of the taps goes dry in how many minutes will the remaining one tap fill the rest of the tank ?

A. 5 minutes B. 10 minutes C. 15 minutes D. 20 minutes

Ans. C

23. What will Rs.1500 amount to in three years if it is invested in 20% p.a. compound interest, interest being compounded annually?

A. 2400 B. 2592 C. 2678 D. 2540

Ans. B

24. If 20 men or 24 women or 40 boys can do a job in 12 days working for 8 hours a day, how many men working with 6 women and 2 boys take to do a job four times as big working for 5 hours a day for 12 days?

A. 8 men B. 12 men C. 2 men D. 24 men

Ans. C

25. If x, y, and z are consecutive negative integers, and if x > y > z, which of the following must be a positive odd integer?

A. xyz B. (x – y) (y – z) C. x – yz D. x(y + z)

Ans. B

26. Tom, Dick and Harry went for lunch to a restaurant. Tom had $100 with him, Dick had $60 and Harry had $409. They got a bill for $104 and decided to give a tip of $16. They further decided to share the total expenses in the ratio of the amounts of money each carried. The amount of money which Tom paid more than what Harry paid is

A. 200 B. 60 C. 24 D. 36

Ans. D

27. (1/4)^3 + (3/4)^3 + 3(1/4)(3/4)(1/4 + 3/4) =?

A. 27/64 B. 49/64 C. 0 D. 1

Ans. D

28. Five years ago, Beth’s age was three times that of Amy. Ten years ago, Beth’s age was one half that of Chelsea. If C represents Chelsea’s current age, which of the following represents Amy’s current age?

A. c/6 + 5 B. 2c C. (c-10)/3 D. 3c-5

Ans. A

29. At 10 a.m. two trains started traveling toward each other from stations 287 miles apart. They passed each other at 1:30 p.m. the same day. If the average speed of the faster train exceeded the average speed of the slower train by 6 miles per hour, which of the following represents the speed of the faster train, in miles per hour? A. 38 B. 40 C. 44 D. 48

Ans. C

30. If the value of XYZ Company stock drops from $25 per share to $21 per share, what is the percent of the decrease?

A. 4 B. 8 C. 12 D. 16

Ans. D

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