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1 Which of the following filter has steep roll-off characteristics?

(A) Butterworth filter (B) Chebyshev filter (C) Bessel filter (D)--

ans: B

2 The architecture of DSP processor---------

(A)Havard (B) Von neumann (C)...(D)..

ans: A

3 If the input frequency to a 6 stage ripple counter is 1000MHz then output frequency at 6th stage_______

4 Minimum number of 2 input NAND gates required to realise the fn. AB'+CD'+EF' ans: 6

5. if X= a-b Y=a+b

____ ____ ab-a2 ab-a2


now what would be the value of ------


6. What is the decimal value of (d4b2)16 ans:54450

7. Inside a square a circle is inscribed. What is the ratio of areas of circle to that of square?

Ans: let side of the square be x

so radius of the circle is x/2

area of circle to sruare



8. Three types of animals, cockroach, mice and crow are there in a room. There are totally 50 heads and 150 tails in the room. No of cockroach is twice than the no mice. What are the no mice in the room?

a) 5 b) 10 c) 15 d) none of these


9. A and B can do a piece of work in 15 and 20 days respectively. They worked together for 6 days then B is replaced by C.The work was finished in next 4 days . In how many days C alone can do the work.

Ans:c alone can do it in 120 days

10.If the operation,^ is defined by the equation x ^ y = 2x + y,what is the value of a in 2 ^ a = a ^ 3

A.0 B.1 C.-1 D.4

11. One word is given a code and asked to write 4.58 (a/nk)

12. Success is to failure as Joy is to______

13. Which word means Jolly? Gay, Pretty, Wise, Foolish, Beautiful

14. Opposite of ESSENTIAL is? fundamental, Unnecessary, Immediate, Necessary, Inconsistent.

15. KELVINATOR?..(Question based on assigning no. to each letter.)

16. Verbal (opp):::Inert ? active , genuine ? false, Command, huge,

17. A drowning man can catch the last straw

18. Raja bought a cycle two days before his birthday and it broke 3 days after his bd.if the day cycle broke was 2nd may 1956 when did he buy the cycle.

19. Beautiful is for 012345678 9 and a code for similar word containing the same alphabets

20. 3 hours for 120 miles then 315 miles? 7 7/8

21. Rope of length 35m is cut in to two parts. One is 2/5 of the original length what is longest ropes length.

22. Find the odd one out a)Nagpur b)Chandigarh c)Delhi d)Punjab e)Rajkot

23. Given the code 1276543890 for LRSTUVAEMG determine how is LATER coded ?

24. A rope 35m long was split into 2 parts one of which was (2/5)th the other.Find the length of the 2 parts.

25. ugly : pretty :: active:___________ a)bold b)smart c)inert d)charming e)pessimistic

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