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21. Which of the following is a universal gate?

(a) OR (b) AND (c) XOR (d) NOR

Ans: NOR

22. The default back end of the VB is

(a) Oracle (b) Sybase (c) Informics

Ans: Sybase

23. What is meant by Superconductivity?

Ans: No reistance 24. Viscosity

Ans: Friction

25. What is the Lock Based Protocol used for? Ans: Concurrency Control in DBMS.

Directions for question 25 to 32: Convert the decimal numbers on the left to the required form.

25. 9's complement of 28 Ans:71

26. Binary of 58 Ans: 111010.

27. Octal of 359 Ans: 547

28. Hexadecimal of 650 Ans: 28A

29. BCD of 18 Ans: 0001 1000

30. BCD of 34.8 Ans: 0011 0100.1000

31. Excess-3 code of 6 Ans: 1001

32. Excess-3 code of 9 Ans: 1100

33. If Ax + By = 1F16; Cx + Dy = 2510. Find the value of x and y?

34. Semaphore is used for

(a) Synchronization (b) Dead-lock avoidence (c) box (d) none

Ans: A

35. For addressing 1 MB memory, the number of address lines required,

(a) 11 (b) 16 (c) 22 (d) 24

Ans: B

36. Which of the following remains in memory temporarily

(a) Resident portion of COMMAND.COM (b) Transient portion of COMMAND.COM (c) API (d) Disk BIOS

Ans: B

37. Pick the odd man out


Ans: c

38. OS/2 is a (a) Single User OS (b) Multi User OS (c) Multi Tasking OS (d) None of these

Ans: C

39. Bootstrap loader program is a program belonging to (a) ROM startup software (b) ROM extension software (c) ROM BIOS software (d) ROM Basic software

Ans: A

40. The entry of starting cluster of a file is present in

(a) Boot Parameters (b) Directory (c) FAT (d) Partition Table and master boot program

Ans: C

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