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1. ODBC Ans: Open Database Connectivity.

2. HTML Ans: Hyper Text Markup Language.

3. RISC Ans: Reduced Instruction Set Computing.

4. ASCII Ans: American Standard Code For Information Interchange.

5. ANSI Ans: American National Standard Institute.

6. XML Ans: Extended Markup Language.

7. FLOPS Ans: Floating Point Operating Per Second.

8. SQL Ans: Sequential Query Language.

9. QBE Ans: Query By Example.

10. ALE Ans: Address Latch Enable.

11. What is lagging in DBMS? Ans: Reduced Redundancy.

Directions 12 to 20: For the following questions find the odd man out.

12. Unix OS/2 CMOS MSDOS

Ans: CMOS. 13. Oracle

Informix Sybase LISP


14. Laser

Inkjet Dotmatirx Mouse

Ans: Mouse

15. Dir

Cls Csh Copy

Ans: Csh

16. Bit

Byte Nibble Digit

Ans: Digit

17. Hard Disk

Floppy Drive CD ROM Cache

Ans: Cache

18. SQL


Ans: Oracle



20. Projection Operation

Selection Operation Intersection Set Difference Operation

Ans: Intersection

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