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1. Five circle- adjasent to each other in ascending order, first dia 8 and last dia 18, find mid one,

2. What does cajole means

3. Area if square increase by 69% find sides % increased by ?

4. A women drop eggs, she says if eggs are divided in 2 remainder is 1, if in 3 remender is 2 and in 4 remender is 3. what no. of eggs she have.

5. If 32+24=100 what no. system is used

6. 4 pipes inlet and 2 pipes oulets,find water inlet etc.

7. 4i+8j+10k. some thing like this

8. a(3,6,9)b(5,7,8,)c(7,8,9,) which is greater

9. Sum of 1 to 40 is ?

10. 8 inch pizza rs 300. if 16 inch is sold at 900. what % discount is there

11. Mirror image of ear

12. A cube is painted , and cut ,.somethinglike this.

13. 3x^2-5x+4=6 , what is x?

14. Rainbow has how many color . odd man out

15. If substitution is as its bunoitut.. didnt remeber.but this is one

16. 1 liter is evaporated from 6 liters, and liquid contain 4% of sugar. find % of sugar?

17. Wall of 88 m. man climb 12 and falls by 8, when he will reach at top

18. cloth:scissor, axe :?

19. 6,1:5,2:7,7:3,4:0,7?? find odd one

20. 4,44,444,4444.... some thing like this

21. 12 marbles ,4 blue,4 green,4 red. what no of time you can drwa that both color are same at once.when you pick 2 at once

22. A car has front 30 and rear 20. if front rotate 240 time .find back weel roation.

23. 2 ships are wafrom light house one side at 30degree and other ship other side at 45 ddegree. if light house has 100m, find distance of boat from light house

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