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1. She cooks well and eat well.

A. simple B. negative C. complex D. compound

Answer: Option D

2. Even though he wanted to win the game, the coach felt that he would be ______ if he let the injured quarterback continue to play.

A. contentious B. remiss C. erudite D. stringent

Answer: Option B

Solution: Remiss (adj.) means careless in performing duties.


A. queer B. odd C. quaint D. unusual E. normal

Answer: Option E

Solution: The words eccentric (abnormal, peculiar) and normal are antonyms.

4. Choose the correct spelt word out of the given alternatives.

A. Itinaray B. Itinarery C. Itinarery D. Itinerary

Answer: Option D

5. Good sleep is necessary ______ good health.

A. of B. for C. at D. from

Answer: Option B

6. When are you going to Mumbai.

A. past perfect B. simple future C. present perfect D. present continuous

Answer: Option D

7. The robbers ————————- by the police.

A. Have arrested B. Have been arrested C. Was arrested D. Had arrested

Answer: Option B

Solution: Have been arrested

8. As lightning accompanies thunder (P) was mingled with (Q) so in my character (R) the mutterings of my wrath (S) a flash of humour


Answer: Option D


A. pretensions B. enthusiasm C. delight D. rumour E. ambience

Answer: Option A Solution: The words affectations (behaviour, speech or writing that is false and designed to impress) and pretensions are synonyms.

10. Can any one stop a man from doing a thing if he is really keen ________ it?

A. in B. at C. for D. on

Answer: Option D


A. penchant B. skill C. fame D. favour

Answer: Option A

Solution: Inclination means penchant or predilection.

12. As Ramiro strolled through his old neighborhood, he noticed sounds and smells that were ______ of his childhood.

A. belligerent B. malleable C. reminiscent D. recondite

Answer: Option C

Solution: Reminiscent (adj.) means calling to mind or remembering.

13. Sanji went abroad as a ______ young man; when he returned two years later, he seemed like an experienced man of the world.

A. sardonic B. egalitarian C. reticent D. callow

Answer: Option D

Solution: Callow (adj.) means lacking maturity or experience; immature, naïve.

14. Large scale departure of people

A. Migration B. Emigration C. Immigration D. Exodus

Answer: Option D

15. Students asked the teacher many questions


Answer: Option B

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