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1. QN, RP, TS, WW, __, FH


Answer: Option C

2. There are two classes A and B., each has 20 students. The average weight of class A is 38 and that of class B is 40. X and Y are two students of classes A and B respectively. If they interchange their classes, then the average weight of both the classes will be equal. If weight of x is 30 kg, what is the weight of Y?

A.40 B.45 C.50 D.52

Answer: C


Total weight of class A = 38 ? 20, and class B = 40 ? 20, if X & Y are interchanged, then the total ages of both the classes are equal. ? 38 ? 20 ñ x + y = 40 ? 20 ñ y + x . 2(y ñ x) = 2 ? 20, ? y = x + 20 = 50

3. A 5 cm cube is cut into as many 1 cm cubes as possible. What is the ratio of the surface area of the larger cube to that of the sum of the surface areas of the smaller cubes?

A. 1 : 6 B. 1 : 5 C. 1 : 25 D. 1 : 125

Ans. B

4. 25: 37 : : 49 : ?

A. 41 B. 56 C. 60 D. 65

Answer: Option D

5. Given set: (6, 15, 26)

A. (56, 52, 44) B. (64, 61, 53) C. (75,71,60) D. (95, 88, 79)

Answer: Option A

Solution: In each set 2nd number = (1st number -4) And 3rd number = (1st number -8)

6. Towards which direction is Q from R?

I. Q is exactly to the east of M.

II. M is exactly to the south of R.

A. If the data in statement I alone are sufficient.

B. If the data in statement II alone are sufficient.

C. If the data either in statement I alone or in statement II alone are sufficient.

D. If the data given in both the statements I and II together are not sufficient.

E. If the data in both the statements I and II together are necessary.

Answer: Option E

7. Pointing to a man a woman said:î His mother is the only daughter of my motherî. How is the woman related to the mother?

A. Mother

B. Daughter

C. Sister

D. Grand Mother

Answer: Option A

Solution: The only daughter of my mother-myself , So the woman is manís mother.

8. R K 5 9 # B 2 % * E ? A 8 L $ I 4 S V 7 ! C 6 N @ H 1 3 & D

How many letters are there, each of which are immediately followed and immediately preceded by a symbol?

A. 1 B. 3 C. 2 D. More than

Answer: Option A

9. Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions:

Input: sui me ato fe zen u no

Step I: fe sui the no ato zen u

Step II: no fe sui u me ato zen

Step III: u no fe zen sui me ato

Step IV: zen u no ato fe sui me

Step V: ato zen u me no fe sui and so on.

Now attempt the questions given below.

What will be the step IV for the following input?

Input: may sen to cry if not hell

A. cry may sen to if not hell

B. if not hell to cry may sen

C. sen to if may not hell cry

D. not hell cry if may sen to

Answer: Option B


In each step the fourth word becomes first word and the last word becomes fourth word and all other words shift one place rightwards except the third, which shifts two place rightwards. In order to make things easier, let us represent the words digitally from 1 to 7. Then we have:

Input: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Step I: 4 1 2 7 3 5 6

Step II: 7 4 1 6 2 3 5

Step III: 6 7 4 5 1 2 3

Step IV: 5 6 7 3 4 1 2

Step V: 3 5 6 2 7 4 1

Step VI: 2 3 5 1 6 7 4

10. Statement:

Should persons convicted of criminal offences in the past be allowed to contest elections in India?


I. No. Such persons can not serve the cause of the people and the country.

II. Yes. It is democracy – let people decide whom to vote.

A. If only argument I is strong

B. If only argument II is strong

C. If either I or II is strong

D. If neither I nor II is strong

Answer: Option B


I is not true. Hence, I is not strong. II is strong because the choice of the people should be given supremacy.

11. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to that group?

A. Crow B. Vulture C. Bat D. Ostrich

Answer: Option C

Solution: Except bat others are birds where as it is a mammal.

12. Statements:

Some apples are Orange

Some orange are Pineapples

Some coconuts are black forests

Some Pine apples are not coconuts


I. Some apples are pine apples

II. Some pineapples are coconuts

A. Only I

B. Only II

C. I and II

D. Some coconuts are black forests

Answer: Option D

13. I was recommended another lawyer.

A. Some recommended another lawyer.

B. Some recommended me to another lawyer.

C. Some recommended me another lawyer.

D. Some recommends me another lawyer.

Answer: Option C

Solution: Some recommended me another lawyer.

14. saddle

A. horse

B. seat

C. stirrups

D. horn

Answer: Option B

Solution: A saddle is something one uses to sit on an animal, so it must have a seat (choice b). A saddle is often used on a horse (choice a), but it may be used on other animals. Stirrups (choice c) are often found on a saddle but may not be used. A horn (choice d) is found on Western saddles, but not English saddles, so it is not the essential element here.

15. Pointing to a photograph a lady tell’s Pramod,”I am the only daughter of this lady and her son is your maternal uncle,”How are the speakers related to Pramod’s father?

A. Sister-in-law

B. Wife

C. Either (A) or (B)

D. Neither (A) Nor (B)

Answer: Option B

Solution: Clearly the speakers brother is Pramod’s maternal uncle .So the speaker is Pramod’s mother or his father wife. Fidelity English Test Model Papers Contenders can check out the latest Fidelity English test questions and answers along with a detailed solution. We suggest the aspirants practice more and can get placed in the Fidelity Organization.


A. good B. tidy C. neat D. clear

Answer: Option B

Solution: Wretched conditions mean miserable conditions; and good is its antonym.

2. Choose the correct spelt word out of the given alternatives.

A. Receding B. Recedeing C. Reeceding D. Receeding

Answer: Option A


A. fluctuation B. constancy C. indecision D. danger

Answer: Option B

Solution: Vicissitude (changes of circumstances or fortune) and constancy are antonymous.

4. I was recommended another lawyer.

A. Some recommended another lawyer. B. Some recommended me to another lawyer. C. Some recommended me another lawyer. D. Some recommends me another lawyer.

Answer: Option C

Solution: Some recommended me another lawyer.

5. Suriya has received a letter.

A. does she? B. doesn’t she? C. has she? D. hasn’t she?

Answer: Option D

6. I want to eat —– apple

A. no article B. a C. an D. the

Answer: Option C

7. Minister

A. bi B. over C. on D. ex

Answer: Option D


A. withstand B. resist C. refute D. acquiesce

Answer: Option D

9. She was not very keen on going to the party. She had to force herself. (A) Although she was not very keen …..

(B) Despite not being keen …..

(C) When she was not very keen …..

A. Only A

B. A and B

C. A and C

D. All the three Answer: Option B

Solution: Though she was not very keen on going to the party. She had to force herself to go. This is conveyed using ‘although’ and ‘despite’ as the probable starters.

10. Had I have been informed about it in advance, I would have arrived much earlier

A. If I had been informed

B. I had not been informed

C. Whether I had been informed

D. I had been informed

Answer: Option A

Solution: Choice (A) replaces the underlined part because it is a conditional clause, which makes of the sentence grammatically correct.

11. Avoid —– eating for healthy living.

A. meet B. meat C. meate D. mete

Answer: Option B

12. These display (a) / the (b) / remarkable variety (c) / No error (d)

A. these display B. the C. remarkable variety D. no error

Answer: Option B

13. Animals have been extensively used to ensure the safety and efficacy of all essential / lifesaving drugs the benefits of which all of us are deriving for ages. —- But these methods are not in a position to supplant animal models. (A) The need of the hour is to improve the standards of animal housing and maintenance.

(B) Human or animal body is a whole lot different from the culture media or other in-vitro systems.

(C) Alternative methods are being increasingly employed in drug development.

A. A and C

B. Only A

C. B and C

D. Only C

Answer: Option D

Solution: Only Statement C can come in between the two sentences. The second sentence is a direct continuation of statement C.

14. The class / is having / forty students / on the rolls.

A. the class

B. is having

C. forty students

D. on the rolls

Answer: Option B

15. A stick-in-the-mud

A. a person with fixed views and ideas, without a desire for progress or change

B. a highly conceited person who looks down upon others

C. a person who is not considered to be important or influential

D. a very timid person

Answer: Option A

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