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• Some pencils were bought at 6 for Rs. 5 and sold at 5 for Rs. 6. What will be the percentage gained?

a. 30% b. 32% c. 44% d. 35.25%

• Find the odd man out:

a. Fingers b. Toes c. Knee d. Thigh e. Feet

• With the word TOMORROW, how many different words can you form such that the vowels in the words should not come together?

a. 350 b. 3000 c. 2000 d. 4000

• From the below mentioned sentence choose which part of the sentence should be corrected to form a grammatically correct sentence:

1. Many companies have a brief mission statement (1) usually in 30 words or fewer (2) explaining their reason for being (3)their guiding principles(4).

a. Usually in 30 words or fewer b. Their guiding principles c. Explaining their reason for being d. No error

• Fill in the blank to complete the following statement.

Any venture cannot succeed without ____________ marketing.

a. Affective b. Effective c. Affecting d. Current

• Choose the correct synonym for the underlined part in the below mentioned statement:

We are selling more than just merchandise.

a. Commodities b. Freight c. Consignment d. Conveyance

• Rearrange the options in between S1 and S6 to form a coherent paragraph which is grammatically correct.

S1. Ted Brinkman and Jim Spencer worked together as managers of a group of large regional retail operations before starting the retail Store.

1) Both bring extensive retail marketing and finance knowledge to the company

2) Over the past 10 years, under their direction, the organization became the largest and most well-known in their area

3) And it was at that point that Jim and Ted decided to branch out on their own

4) The owners of the company were looking to sell the company to a national organization

S6. They have the knowledge, experience and contacts to make the company a success.

a. 2431

b. 1234

c. 4321

d. 2413

• In code language, 786 means ‘study very hard’, 958 means ‘ hard work pays’ and 645 means ‘ study and work’ . Choose amongst the following options, which number will represent as a code for ‘very’?

a. 5 b. 3 c. 4 d. 7

1. The pressure p in terms of its mean kinetic energy/unit volume E is

a .E/3 b.E/2 c.3E/4 d.2E/3 e.5E/4

2. Convert volumetric to gravitational, relative volume of each constituent of flue gas

a. %mw b. xmv c. me d. xsw e. %sw

3. Which is correct for reversible polytrophic process?

a. temperature constant b. density constant c. volume constant

d. entropy constant e. same heat transfer

4. if a gas or vapour allowed to expand through a minute hole

a. free expansion b. hyperbolic c. adiabatic expansion d. parabolic e. throttling

5. Minimum work of compressor is possible, when the adiabatic index is

a.0.75 b.1 c.1.27 d.1.35 e.2

6. Under ideal condition, isothermal, isochoric, adiabatic and isobaric are

a. static b. dynamic c. quan-static d. stable e. thermodynamic

7. If a heat engine attains 100% efficiency, then it is

a. zeroth law b. I law c. II law d. no e. all

8. If Q1 is the heat in source, Q2 is the cold sink for heat pump then COP

a. Q1 / (Q1- Q2) b. Q2 / (Q1- Q2) c. (Q1- Q2) / Q1

9. The output of diesel engine is increased if

a. more fuel b. flywheel size c. incoming air d. scavenging e. supercharging

10. Accumulation of carbon in the cylinder increases when

a. decrease in volume b. volumetric efficiency c. ignition time

d. effective compression ratio e. travel time 11. The most popular firing sequence

a.1234 b.1324 c.1423 d.1243 e.1342

12. for same power, same speed, flywheel of petrol and diesel engine are

a. smaller b. greater c. equal d. none

13. If petrol is used in diesel engine, then

a. higher knocking b. black smoke c. lot of fuel d. improper combustion

14. Ans .d) mechanical efficiency

15. Reciprocating compressor is used for

a. large quantity of air at high pressure b. large quantity of air at low pressure

c. low quantity of air at low pressure d. low quantity of air at high pressure

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