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1.The fundamental ..... between dogs and cats is for the most part a myth; members of these species often coexist .....

a. antipathy....amiably b. disharmony....uneasily c. Compatibility....together d. Relationship....peacefully e. Different....placidly

2. The early form of writing known as Linear B was ..... in 1952, but no one has yet succeeded in the ..... of the still more ancient Linear A.

a. superseded....explanation b. encoded....transcription c. obliterated....analysis d. Deciphered....interpretation e. Discovered....obfuscation

3. His desire to state his case completely was certainly reasonable; however, his lengthy technical explanations were monotonous and tended to ..... rather than ..... the jury.

a. enlighten....inform b. interest....persuade c. provoke....influence d. allay....pacify e. bore....convince

6. (1/10)18-(1/10)20 = ?

a. 99/1020 b. 99/10 c. 0.9 d. none of these

7. Pipe A can fill in 20 minutes and Pipe B in 30 min's and Pipe C can empty the same in 40 min's. If all of them work together, find the time taken to fill the tank

a. 17 1/7 min's b. 20 min's c. 8 min's d. none of these

8. A goat is tied to one corner of a square plot of side 12 m by a rope 7m long. Find the area it can graze?

a. 38.5 sq.m b. 155 sq.m c. 144 sq.m d. 19.25 sq.m

Question 9-17

Directions: Each of the following questions below begins with a single word in capital letters. Five answer choices follow. Select the answer choice that has the most opposite meaning of the words in capital letters.


a. appreciate b. donate c. bolster d. decay e. simplify


a. original b. haughty c. casual d. virtuous e. informative


a. stand b. repay c. flush d. relax e. cope


a. levity b. sanity c. cowardice d. sterility e. ventilation


a. consideration b. comprehensibility c. barrenness d. gravity e. sanity

14. A person, who decided to go to weekend trip should not exceed 8 hours driving in a day. Average speed of forward journey is 40 m/h. Due to traffic in Sundays, the return journey average speed is 30 m/h. How far he can select a picnic spot?

a. 120 miles b. Between 120 & 140 miles c. 160 miles d. 110 miles

15. A bus started from bus stand at 8.00 am, and after 30 minutes staying at destination, it returned back to the bus stand. The speed of the bus is 18mph. In return journey bus travels with 50% fast speed. At what time it returns to the bus stand?

a. 11.00am b. 10.00am c. 10.30am d. 12.00pm

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