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101. Sarnath is situated in the state of

a) MP b) Bihar c) Punjab d) UP

102. Green house effect is due to the increase of atmospheric

a) CO2 level b) SO2 level c) CO level d) N2 level

103. In the month of July, it is winter in

a) New York b) Beijing c) Sydney d) London

104. The chairman of the Planning commission of India is

a) The prime minister b) The vice-president c) The union finance minister d) The union commerce minister

105. The satellite launch vehicle that placed a number of satellites ito orbit in May 2008 is

a) PSLV-C7 b) PSLV-C8 c) PSLV-C9 d) PSLV-C10

106.DRDO was formed in

a) 1947 b) 1950 c) 1954 d) 1958

107. SAMYUKTA is developed for the use of

a) Navy b) Army c) Air force d) RAC

108. DARL 202 is a variety of

a) pea b) garlic c) capsicum d) tomato

109. TRISHUL is

a) a surface to surface battlefield missile

b) a quick reaction surface to air missile

c) an intermediate range ballistic missile

d) a supersonic cruise missile

110. HUMSA is a

a) sonar b) tank c) mine d) night vision device

111. The value of 1+2i / 3-4i + 2-I / 5i , where i^2 is -1, is

a) -5/2 b) 5/2 c) 2/5 d) -2/5

112. The particular solution of the differential equation d^2y/dx^2 + 2 dy/dx + 5y = 0 satisfying the conditions y(0)=0 and y’(0)=1 is

a) y=1/2 e^-x cos2x b) y=1/2 e^-x sin4x c) y=1/2 e^-x sin2x d) y=1/2 e^-x cos4x

113. For the vectors A=3i-2j+k and B=2i-k, the value of (A*B).A is

a) 0 b) 1 c) 2 d) 3

114. The orthogonal trajectory of the family of curves x^2-y^2 = a (where a is a constant) and passing through the point (1,1) is

a) y=-1/x b) y=1/x c) y=-x d) y=x

115. The value of the line integral ? y^2 dx + 2xydy over the curve x=accost, y=asint is

a) 0 b) 1 c) 2 d) 4

116. The n-th partial sum of the infinite series 1/1*2 + 1/2*3 + 1/3*4+……1/n*(n+1)……..

a) 1/n+1 b) n+2/n+1 c) n/n+1 d) n-1/n+1

117. The complex-valued function f(z)=e^z is analytic for

a) no z b) all z c) real z only d) imaginary z only

118. The inverse of the matrix [ cos A sin A

-sin A cos A] is

a) [ -cos A Sin A b) [cos A sin A} c) [cos A -sin A d) [cos A -sin A sin A cos A] sin A -cos A] -sin A cos A] sin A cos A]

119. Consider the function f(x) defined as

F(x) = 3x-1, x<0

0, x=0

2x+5, x>0

In the following table, List I shows 4 expressions for limits of f(x) and List II indicates the values of the limits

List I List II

P.Lim x->2 f(x) 1. -1

Q.Lim x->0+ f(x) 2. 9

R.Lim x->0- f(x) 3. -10

S.Lim x->-3 f(x) 4. 5

The correct matches are

a) P-2,Q-4,R-1,S-3 B) P-2,Q-4,R-3,S-1 C) P-4,Q-2,R-1,S-3 D) P-4,Q-2,R-3,S-1

120. Two events A and B with probability 0.5 and 0.7, respectively, have joint probability of 0.4. The probability that neither A nor B happens is

a) 0.2 b) 0.4 c) 0.6 d) 0.8

121. Consider the differential equation

X^2 d^2/dx^2 + x dy/dx + (x^2 - 4)y = 0. The statement which is not true for it is

a) It is a linear second order ordinary differential equation

b) It can not be reduced to a differential equation with constant coefficients

c) X=0 is a regular singular point

d) It is a non-homogeneous second order ordinary differential equation

122. The sum of two numbers is 16 and the sum of their squares is a minimum. The two numbers are

a) 10,6 b) 9,7 c) 8,8 d) 5,11

123. The value of the definite integral 0?(p/2)^(1/3) x^2 sin(x^3)dx is

a) -1/3 b) 0 c) 1 d) 1/3

124. A circle C2 is concentric with the circle C1 : x^2 + y^2 -4x +6y -12 =0 and has a radius twice that of C1. The equation of the circle C2 is

a) x^2 + y^2 -4x +6y -13 =0 b) x^2 + y^2 -4x +6y -87 =0 c) x^2 + y^2 -4x +6y -100 =0 d) x^2 + y^2 -4x +6y -88 =0

125. Consider the quadratic equation x^2 + px + q =0. If p and q are roots of the equation, the values of p and q are

a) p=0, q=0 only b) p=1, q=-2 only c) p=0, q=0 and p=1, q=-2 d) p=0, q=0 and p=-2, q=1

126. Consider the list of words: etiquette, accommodate, forty, exaggerate, continous, independent, receipt. The number of misspelt words are

a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4

127. Consider the following sentences

1. A few friends he has are all very rich.

2. Do not insult the weak.

3. The later of the two persons was more interesting.

4. All the informations were correct.

Out of these sentences, the grammatically correct sentence is

a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4

128. The appropriate auxiliary verb to fill in the blank of the sentence “Gandhi knew that he __ soon be jailed.”is

a) would b) will c) shall d) may

129. The number of missing punctuation marks in the sentence “Rajesh along with Amit went to the market.”is

a) 0 b) 1 c) 2 d) 3

130. The meaning of the word PLAGIARISM is

a) theft of public money b) theft of ideas c) belief in one god d) belief in many gods

131. The antonym of the word TRANSIENT is

a) certain b) close c) permanent d) fast

132. ACROPHOBIA is the abnormal fear of

a) open spaces b) height c) fire d) water

133. The appropriate pair of prepositions to fill in the blank in the sentence “He was angry __ me, because my remarks were aimed __ him.”is

a) at,to b) with, at c) with, to d) at, for

134. The appropriate word(s) to fill up the blank in the sentence “ I remember __ voices in the middle of the night.”is (are)

a) hear b) to hear c) hearing d) heard

135. The passive voice form of the sentence “I have known him for a long time.”is

a) He is known to me for a long time.

b) He is known by me for a long time.

c) He has been known to me for a long time.

d) He has been known by me for a long time.

136. If kennel is to a dog, then __ is to a hen.

a) nest b) coop c) hole d) stable

137. If NATION is to 5236765, then NOTION is to

a) 573675 b) 563765 c) 576375 d) 557365

138. The next two numbers of the series 3,5,11,21 are

a) 34 and 52 b) 34 and 53 c) 35 and 52 d) 35 and 53

139. A, B and C are three places in India with longitudes 80E, 85 E and 90 E respectively. Which one of the following statements about the local times of the places is true?

a) Local time of C is ahead of that of B.

b) Local time of B is ahead of that of C.

c) Local time of A is ahead of that of C.

d) A, B and C all have the same local time.

140. In this question, notations +, / and * are used as follows

A + B means A is the husband of B.

A / B means A is the sister of B.

A * B means A is the son of B.

With these relations, the relationship denoted by P / Q * R is

a) P is son of R

b) P is daughter of R

c) P is uncle of R

d) P is father of R

141. If DELHI is written as EDHIL, then PARIS is written as


142. The number of prime numbers between 10 and 50 is

a) 10 b) 11 c) 12 d) 13

143. The odd one in the list : LAN, TCP/IP, HACKER and KILLER is


144. SAW is to carpenter as SCALPEL is to

a) surgeon b) mason c) plumber d) tailor

1. If 100ns is Memory Access Time & 125 microsec is 1frame period. The no. of line that can be supported in a Time Divison Switch is

a)125 Lines b)625 Lines c)525 Lines d)465 Lines

2. The no. of edjes in disjoint Hamilton circuit in a complex graph with 17 edges is

a) 8 b) 9 c) 136 d) 17^2

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