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This section consists of 30 questions

Q1)Meaning of Avert (a) turn away (b) transform

Q2)Meaning of consonance

Q3)opposite of Protract

Q4)the sum of squares of numbers in the ratio 2:3:4 is144.Find the numbers.

Q5)To a sugar solution of 3 litres containing 40% sugar,one litre of water is added.The percentage of sugar in new solution is: (a)13?% (b)15% (c)30% (d)33%

Q6) Question on depreciation from chapter of percentages

Q7) If x>y,y>z,z>w then (a)x>w don’t remember exactly the statement, ques was based on comparison

Q8)If x is less than 2 then which of following statements are always true? (a) x is negative (b) x is positive (c) x2 is greater than or equal to 2 (d) x2 is lesser than or equal to 2

Q9)A sum of money is to be distributed in proportion 3:5.If one gets Rs.20 more than other then what is the sum of money? (a)100 (b)80 (c)60

Q10)2 men and 3 boys can do a piece of work in 10 days while 3 men and 2 boys can do the same work in 8 days.In how many days can 2 men and 1 boy do the work?

Q11)Pipe A can fill the cistern in 8 min and pipe B can fill the cistern in 6 min.If pipe A is opened for 1 min and pipe B is opened for 1 min then the total time to fill the cistern is:

Q12)Two cars A and B start at the same time in opposite directions and cover 4 miles.Now each car turn left and covers 3 miles.What is their aerial distance?

Q13) Find the next figure : 4 pictures were given this was

Q14)A figure was given How many colors are needed so that no adjacent faces have same color? (a) 3 (b) 4 (c) 5

Q15)If ‘PEOPLE’ is written as ‘PLPOTE’ then ‘TREND’ is :

Q16)If UPSTREAM: SOURCE then (a) uphill:peak (b) don’t remember other options

Q17)A cube is cut into smaller cubes such that each edge if cube is increased by 50% ,find the % increase in surface area? (A) 200% (B) 100% (C) 125%

Q18)A dice was given showing dots on 3 faces.3 figures were given.find the no of dots opposite to face showing 4 dots.

HR Interview Questions - Cummins

1. Tell me something about yourself?

2. Is there anything which you failed to do?

3. Is there anything you regret?

4. Why should I hire you?

5. How do you create radio button in .NET?

6.Why do you want to quit your present job?

7.Have you ever made a mistake at work? How did you rectify it?

8.What major problems did you face in your last role?

9.Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

10.How do you feel about doing repetitive work?

11.How did you manage to attend this interview during your working hours?

12.Would you like to work in a team or on your own?

13.If your last boss was present here, what do you think he would tell us about you?

14.Has your career developed as you had liked?

15.Your expected salary?

16,What will you do if you are offered a job with a salary higher than this?

18.Do you want to ask us something about the company?

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