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Q1)the unit of 1 watt is

(a) 1 Nm/s

(b) 1 Nm/hr

Every ques was given with 4 options.

Q2)the direction of electric field is

(a)same as direction of current

(b)opposite to that of current

© don’t remember the other options

Q3)The motion of electron in magnetic field is

(a)moves in straight line

(b)in sine wave

©perpendicular to the plane of propagation

Q4) What is SCADA?

(a)Supervisory Control And Data Aquistion

Q4) SCR diode is

(a) PNPN diode

(b) PNPP diode

(c) None of these

Q5)memory of 8085 microprocessor can be extended to 64k by

(a)using memory mapped ……

(b) cannot be increased

©none of these

Q6)serial connector used for connecting 30 devices is

(a)RS 232

(b)RS 422

(c)RS …..don’t remember

(d) None of these

Q7)question related to squirrel cage

(a) V/f

(b) I/f

(c) Armature resistance

Q8)rotation in machines is related to

(a)mechanical degrees

(b)electrical degrees


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