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11. A boat covers a certain distance downstream in 1 hour, while it comes back in 1 hours. If the speed of the stream be 3 kmph, what is the speed of the boat in still water?

A. 12 kmph B. 13 kmph C. 14 kmph D. 15 kmph E. None of these


Let the speed of the boat in still water be x kmph. Then, Speed downstream = (x + 3) kmph, Speed upstream = (x - 3) kmph. => (x + 3) x 1 = (x - 3) x 3/2 => 2x + 6 = 3x - 9. => x = 15 kmph.

12. There is 80% increase in an amount in 8 years at simple interest. What will be the compound interest of Rs. 14,000 after 3 years at the same rate?

A. Rs.3794 B. Rs.3714 C. Rs.4612 D. Rs.4634


Let P = Rs.100. Simple Interest = Rs. 80 (? 80% increase is due to the simple interest) Rate of interest= (100 × SI)/PT = (100 × 80)/ (100 × 8) = 10% per annum Now, let's find out the compound interest of Rs. 14,000 after 3 years at 10% P = Rs.14000, T = 3 years, R = 10% Amount after 3 years =P(1+R/100) ^T=14000(1+10/100) ^3 =14000(110/100) ^3 = 14000(11/10) ^3 = 14 × 11^3 = 18634 Hence, Compound Interest = Rs.18634 - Rs.14000 = Rs.4634. Ciena Verbal Ability Test

13. Synonym:


A. questionable B. forthright C. traitor D. urgent

Answer: D.

14. Antonym:


A. kind B. urbane C. sensitive D. gentle

Answer: B.

15. Fill in the blank:

The Prime Minister of England called ________ the President of America.

A. in B. out C. on D. at

Answer: C.

16. Error spotting:

The person which was (a)/ recommended for the position (b)/ did not fulfil the prescribed qualifications. (c)/ No error (d) A. a B. b C. c D. d

Answer: A.

17. Sentence Arrangement:

(A) It also gives rise to a feeling of animosity among the different sections of the society.

(B) In a democratic system, frequent use of power is never desirable, be it on the part of government or the people.

(C) Therefore, citizens should never resort to violent ways and means in democracy, though they have the right to oppose the government.

(D) It destroys the stability and security in public life.


Answer: B.

Kwanzaa is a holiday celebrated by many African Americans from December 26 to January 1. It pays tribute to the rich cultural roots of Americans of African ancestry, and celebrates family, community, and culture. Kwanzaa means the first or the first fruits of the harvest and is based on the ancient African first-fruit harvest celebrations. The modern holiday of Kwanzaa was founded in 1966 by Dr. Maulana Karenga, a professor at the California State University in Long Beach, California. The seven-day celebration encourages people to think about their African roots as well as their life in present-day America. The seven fundamental principles on which Kwanzaa is based are referred to as the Nguzo Saba. These rules consist of unity, self-determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity, and faith. Participants celebrate by performing rituals such as lighting the kinara. The kinara is symbolic of the continental Africans. Each of its seven candles represents a distinct principle beginning with unity, the black center candle. Talking family, drumming, singing, and dancing are all part of the celebration activities.

18. According to the passage, the holiday of Kwanzaa was created in order to

A. celebrate African Americans’ harvesting skills B. honor Dr. Maulana Karenga C. encourage African Americans to think about their roots D. light the individual candles of the kinara.

Answer: C.

19. Which of the seven principles does the black center candle of the kinara represent?

A. unity B. faith C. creativity D. responsibility

Answer: A.

20. According to the passage, Kwanzaa is celebrated by all of the following EXCEPT

A. drumming and rituals. B. dancing and singing. C. dialogue D. solitude and silence.

Answer: D.

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