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10. The youngest ever Indian to achieve a Grandmaster norm in Chess is:

(A) Sahaj Grover

(B) Saina Nehwal

(C) Parimarjan Negi

(D) D Harika

11. Which among the following is not a wholly owned subsidiary of Reserve Bank of India?

(A) National Housing Bank

(B) National Bank of Agriculture and Rural Development

(C) Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation of India

(D) Exim Bank of India

12. The December 2006 Asian Games were held in

(A) Doha

(B) Abu Dhabi

(C) Riyadh

(D) Kyoto

13. The National Stock Exchange incorporated in 1992, in terms of transactions holds:

(A) fifth rank in the World.

(B) third rank in the World.

(C) seventh rank in the World.

(D) does not figure in the top 10.

14. Which country, of the following, is the biggest contributor for Foreign Direct Investment in India between1991 and 2004?

(A) Mauritius


(C) Japan

(D) United Kingdom

15. SAFTA stands for

(A) South Asia Free Trade Agreement

(B) South African Federation for Tribal Advancement

(C) South Asian Forum for Tourism Agreements

(D) None of the above

16. Which company, out of the following, does not figure in the “Forbes Global 2000†year 2005 ranking?





17. Introduction of 3G services in telecommunication industry will NOT include which of the followingfeatures?

(A) Video Streaming

(B) Stock Transactions

(C) E-learning

(D) E-Governance

18. Which Finance Minister resigned after a report on Haridas Mundhra share imbroglio was published in1958?

(A) GK Iyengar

(B) Ramanand Shastri

(C) TT Krishnamachari

(D) V Padmanabhan

19. Which state tops the revenues collected under the implemented VAT tax regime?

(A) Maharashtra

(B) Andhra Pradesg

(C) Gujarat

(D) Karnataka

20. Which player won the country's highest ever professional Golf Prize held at China?

(A) Shiv Kapur

(B) Jeev Milkha Singh

(C) Gaurav Ghei

(D) Jyoti Randhawa


1. Work done in a free expansion process is

2. A system absorbs 100 k J of heat and the increase in its internal energy is 100 kJ; the work done is

3. The specific heats of the gas at constant pressure and constant volume are respectively 1.0 kJ/kg K and 0.72 kJ/kg K; the value of R for the gas is

4. he compression ratio for a petrol engine generally lies between

5. The SFC of an engine is 0.25 kg/kW hr. when the fuel used has a calorific value of 36000 kJ/kg. the thermal efficiency of the engine is

6. When steam condenses and becomes water at the same temperature, the specific heat for the process in kJ/kg k is

7. In vapour absorption refrigeration machine fluids used are

8. In a carnot engine with an efficiency of 40%, the heat rejected to the sink at 27 C is 60 kJ, then the heat supplied in kJ to the engine by the sources is

9. In a simple spur gear train, gears with 24, 48, 32, 72 and 96 teeth are in sequence. The gear with 24 teeth runs at 900 rpm. The speed in rpm of gear with 72 teeth is

10. a governer in an Ic engine controls the

11. For a spring controlled governer the relation F = ar+b (F is the controlling force, r is the radius of rotation a and b are constants), indicates that the governer is

12. 1.25 kg of hydrogen are burnt with stiochiometric air, the mass of air in kg required is

13. A low wet bulb temperature indicates

14. The moisture in air will condense at

15. Air refrigeration cycle works on the

16. A feather key is on one the following types

17. The screw thread commonly used for transmission of motion is one of the following types of threads

18. A cotter joint is generally used to transmit

19. In a flange coupling, the flange bolts are designed for

20. In power transmission using open belts or horizontal shafts it is preferable to have the slack side of the belt on the top because

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