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11. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to that group?

A. Pear

B. Jackfruit

C. Watermelon

D. Papaya

Answer: Option C

12. Statements:

All mobiles are tablets

All tablets are smart phones

All smart phones are laptops

All Laptops is computers


I. Some tablets are laptops

II. Some laptops are not tablets

A. Statement 1 is true

B. Statement 2 is true

C. Statement 3 is true

D. Statement 4 is true

Answer: Option A

13. cell

A. chlorophyll

B. nucleus

C. nucleusnerve

D. human

Answer: Option B


The essential part of a cell is its nucleus.Not all cells produce chlorophyll (choice a). Not all cells are nerve cells (choice c). All living things, not just humans (choice d), have cells.

14. Odd man out: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 96

A. 4

B. 32

C. 64

D. 96

Answer: Option D


Each term of the series is obtained by multiplying the preceding term by 2. So, 96 is wrong and must be replaced by (64 * 2) i.e. 128.

15. Many people are of the opinion that physical exercise should be made mandatory for employees to improve their efficiency at workplace.

Which of the following supports the opinion expressed in the above statement?

A. It is found that work environment is a better motivating factor than monetory benefits.

B. Even for the most able sportsperson, physical exercise is an essential part of practice session.

C. Children who do physical exercise show better academic performance than the ones who do not.

D. The chances of occurrences of mistakes increases if an employee is subjected to the same work for more than six months.

Answer: Option C


We have to find a statement which supports the opinion that exercise leads to better efficiency.

Choice (a) talks about the work environment but not about physical exercise. Hence, (a) does not support the opinion.

Though choice (b) states that physical exercise is important, it does not state whether the physical exercise improves the performance or helps to maintain the performance levels.

Choice (c) states that those who does physical exercise exhibit better performance rather than those who does not. Hence, (c) supports the opinion.

Choice (d) refers to monotony in work but not about physical exercise. Hence, (d) is out of context.


A. worried

B. controllable

C. composed

D. decided

Answer: Option C

Solution: Composed (calm) is an antonym of the word perturbed (alarmed).

2. Choose the correct spelt word out of the given alternatives.

A. Overlapped

B. Overleped

C. Overelaped

D. Overlaped

Answer: Option A


A. exoneration

B. revenge

C. conviction

D. vendetta

Answer: Option C

Solution: Acquittal (declare innocent) and conviction (declare guilty) are antonyms.

4. Must we cut this tree.

A. Must this tree will cut.

B. Must this tree be cut.

C. Must this tree was cut.

D. Must this tree is cut.

Answer: Option B

Solution: Must this tree be cut.

5. Every one is liable to make mistake?

A. is he?

B. do they?

C. are they?

D. aren’t they?

Answer: Option D

6. The thief was sent to —– prison

A. a

B. an

C. no article

D. the

Answer: Option D

7. Large

A. en

B. in

C. on

D. out

Answer: Option A


A. request

B. insist

C. appeal

D. compel

E. command

Answer: Option E


A. rancour

B. proficiency

C. humility

D. kindness

E. adoration

Answer: Option E

10. He is a prolific writer. He has several novels and short stories to his credit.

(A) Being a prolific writer …..

(B) Since he is a prolific writer …..

(C) While he is a prolific writer …..

A. Only A

B. A and B

C. A and C

D. Only C

Answer: Option B


Because he is a prolific writer, he has several novels and short stories to his credit. The two sentences are combined most appropriately using option A and B.

11. He intends to completing his work by the end of the week.

A. He intends of completing

B. He is completing

C. He intends complete

D. He intends completing

Answer: Option D


The ‘to-infinitive’ should not be used with the verb and an ‘ing’ form (complete + ing). Hence, only choice (D) is correct.

12. —– lands have no market.

A. baxen

B. barren

C. baron

D. barron

Answer: Option B

13. No stronger (a) / a figure than his (b) / prescribed in the history (c) / No error (d)

A. no stronger

B. a figure than his

C. prescribed in the history

D. no error

Answer: Option C

14. Until a few years ago, though the technology for mobile phone was developed and used separately, it was not connected to the growth of PC or the web. —– This concept of convergence is the blending of technologies like computing, networking telecommunications, and electronic appliances.

(A) These technologies are now coming together (converging) to give more power to the user.

(B) Mobile computing is an easy way to put the power of computer in the hands of people who can use it for their work.

(C) The mobile computer is not tied down to a telephone line.

A. Only A

B. Only B

C. Only C

D. A and B

Answer: Option A


Only A can form an effective link between the two given sentences. A and B are different from them.

15. She is not interested in —– sweets.

A. eat

B. eaten

C. eating

D. to be eating

Answer: Option C

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